Friday, July 31, 2015

Emerson eating pizza

 I went and met Gabe and we did the big exchange on Tuesday.  The big exchange was Emerson!  Oh my, have we ever had fun!  I LOVE having him come up by himself....I love having the whole family up, but it's also fun to just have him!  So special!  

On Wednesday, we were running around all day...playing catch, practicing on the bike, putting at the golf course....and then we ran to Costco to exchange his jeans.  He 'really wanted' some pizza.  Emerson has turned into quite a ham...and he showed this even while eating his pizza!

I sure love this little man!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Taking a ride on the garage door!

I'm not sure who figured this out, but I could hear all this laughing out in the garage...I also was hearing the garage door going up and I had to go check it out...
My guy wasn't too happy with this...he kept saying it was going to break the garage door.  I didn't necessarily agree, but the riding on the garage door didn't last...
It was definitely fun...and funny...while it lasted!

Hanging out at Mimi and Papa's

When Lindsey, Donnie, Benjamin, and William were here in June, we had fun just hanging out around the house.  Benjamin had his remote control car...we played croquet...washed the car... and more!
I can't remember the reason Benjamin put on one of my T-shirts...but he wore that thing to sleep in and all the next day.  He asked if he could take it home.  'No...'

Lindsey tried to get in some reading time....
Donnie, the fence master, helped rebuild the fence between our house and the house on the corner.  Well, I say Donnie helped...maybe Ron is the one who helped? 

The car needed washing... All hands on deck here!

I definitely love to have my family here!