Sunday, October 30, 2016

William at gymnastics on October 13th

 William has been in gymnastics for quite awhile.  He is really a strong little guy!
He's the only one in his class...Lindsey didn't sign him up for private lessons, but he was just the only one signed up for that time...and they honored it!

 He's got a great coach!

 See those spiders on the balance beam?
Most of the equipment had Halloween stuff...just to make it more fun!
 Like I said, William is so strong!
He went from this to a forward flip off this bar.
 Here, he was trying to get William to move his hands as he was swinging.  
He held on to him and really swung him high.  William started moving his hands correctly.

After his hour lesson, he was listening to his coach.
He got stamps on his feet and 2 coloring pages..

I'm sure the trampoline they have at their house has definitely encouraged William with his ability.
I loved watching him!

Friday, October 28, 2016

William's soccer practice on October 12th

 William fell asleep in the car on the way to his soccer practice.
It took a few minutes for him to get in gear!
 It was also C-O-L-D!  I don't know why he didn't want to wear a jacket...
but it was definitely cold! Well, maybe 'really cool' would be more accurate!
 Benjamin and I were just hanging out watching...

 Benjamin played a bit on my phone...

After practice, Lindsey, William, and Benjamin played a little soccer together...
before we finally took off for home.
I was definitely not dressed for the cool weather...

It was so fun watching William play!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Baseball and trampoline fun on October 12

 October 12th, I went down to hang out with Lindsey, Benjamin, and William. 
Benjamin was practicing some baseball, and took a few swings off the tee to start.
                                        The tee was away and Lindsey was the pitcher!

 William was playing with the water hose!

 They went from batting, to playing catch!

 Enough was time for the trampoline!

I love playing outside with the boys....and Lindsey!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Happy Birthday to my best friend!

 My he is 63!
We started dating when I was 14 and he was 15...
that's a long time.
We've definitely had some adventures together...
He's my best friend,
the best dad,
the best Papa...
I love him!
This first picture is in Mississippi...
we definitely look a bit younger!
We used to hike when we first moved to the Pacific Northwest.
This is how he often carried Joshua!
 This was Easter Sunday of 1979.

On October 2, 1978,
we welcomed Gabrial Ryan into our lives!
 On February 19, 1981,
we welcomed Lindsey Nicole!
 These two pictures are special for a different reason.
This was a couple of weeks before we almost lost Ron in a car wreck.
 I have chosen not to put the photos of him after the wreck here,
but I still thank God for sparing him!
 We don't really hike,
he is always hiking for his job.
But we do enjoy taking walks together.
Maybe after he retires, hiking will come back into the picture for us.
He loves crab..
He loves to cook crab, especially if Joshua is going to be here.
 Ron is the middle of 3 boys.
His older brother, Larry, and his younger brother, David.
Going to visit his mom at the farm is always something he looks forward to.
He and Joshua often go together and they work with Larry to fix things, plant the garden, and just do whatever needs to be done!
I have no idea what year this guess is 1976.
He definitely wore his hair a bit longer...
but he had more hair to wear longer!
I just thought I'd throw this one in!

Now, he's also loving being a Papa to 5:
                                        Thalia, Emerson, Benjamin, William, and Walt!
 With Thalia...
 With Emerson...
 With Benjamin...
With William...
With Walt...

This is a more recent photo of us...
now we've been married for close to 40 years!

Happy Birthday, Ron!
even though I know he'll probably never see this!