Saturday, November 27, 2010


Pretty, don't you think?
Poor thing...this is a Christmas cactus...CHRISTMAS...and it's been in bloom for about a month.
I think it's a bit confused on the seasons...
Oh well...

just thought I'd share this!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Joshua, from 1st grade in 1983

How precious is this? As I was changing classrooms earlier this year, I found this tucked away in a file...I knew then that I'd use it in a post for Thanksgiving. These pictures above, were all put together in a little book Joshua made in first grade. I also found this letter:What am I thankful for?

*My God...I thank Him daily for so many things...

*My family...I know I have been blessed...both in the family I was born into...the family I married into...and the family we have together. They have all influenced who I am.

*Thalia, Emerson, & Benjamin...I know they're family, but they need their own special asterisk! Grandkids are the best...I am absolutely smitten with them!

*Our jobs...oh, I say I'd love to be retired...and I would...but at the same time, I truly love my job! Teaching 4th graders is a dream job...they are so precious.

*My friends...I have a group of 9 other women I've been best friends with for...think it's been 19 years now. I don't know what I'd do without them. We have laughed and cried together over so many parts of our lives...

*Our home...both the area we live in (so absolutely gorgeous) and the actual house. We added on a little to it a couple of years ago, and it made such a huge difference. It's large enough to have lots of people over and have room to enjoy each other! I love to have it it will be this Christmas!

*Our health...which should not be, as isn't, last on the list. Good health is not something I take for's one of my daily prayers for Lindsey and be healed. I am thankful for the good health we do have, and God's protection.

*I could go on and on...just for the area of my family, I could go through each and every one and have a long list for what I'm thankful for...but, I need to go make a chocolate pie and another batch of hot rolls to take to a friends house for Thanksgiving dinner...and I'm thankful for that, too!

I hope all you readers of the JohnstonChronicles have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hanging out at the park with Benjamin

" you want to show Mimi the park?"

Of course, he did...he loves the park. First, he wanted to brush his hair...
Benjamin hopped out of the car and started running up to play...
He climbed one of the little mounds...I thought he was dreaming of being a pitcher...but then I realized he was watching a soccer game...
"Look Mimi!"

After watching awhile, he decided to run to a different section of the park...

He stopped to watch...there was so much going on!

I was impressed with the park! There was a lot for my little man to do...and there were so many people there enjoying it. It probably helped that it was 70-74 degrees outside...absolutely gorgeous!
Benjamin decided to go up the BIG hill...his mama took hold of his hand so he could help her up the hill...

"Mama, I wanna play soccer..."

"Ok, Ben-Jam-In...Mama will sign you up..."
He was wondering what his Mimi thought about him playing soccer at such a young age...

"Your Mimi would love to see her little man playing," his mama told him.
Enough of that.

Benjamin looked up and saw the moon.

"Moonie!" he said.

"Yep, that's the moon, Benjamin."

Benjamin has started adding letters to the end of some of his words. Moon has become moonie. Fan has become o-fan-o...
Benjamin didn't understand what the big deal was with the way he was saying things...
He then decided to slide down the hill instead of walk. It has it was pretty slick.

Benjamin also loves to wave at people. We had gone to Whole Foods...were putting our groceries in the car...Benjamin was still sitting in the basket. A guy that looked like he was in his early 30's...driving a pickup...was slowly driving by looking for a parking lot...Benjamin looked at him, smiled, and started waving. The guy got a big grin on his face and began to wave back. After that, Benjamin waved at the next 3 cars that drove by. At Chevy's that night, he began waving to people coming into the restaurant and then as we were leaving, he waved to others leaving.
I wasn't sure if this was a wave to say "Hi" or a wave to way "bye"!
Benjamin had to think about it, too!
Benjamin decided he wanted to do something different. He grabbed his mama's hand once again and brought her over to the swings...Benjamin had a new perspective of the park sitting up in the swing!
I asked him if he wanted me to swing him high...
He did...He went so high and so fast, his baseball cap flew off!He wasn't too thrilled when it was time to stop swinging and leave...
Fortunately, a little cutie came up. She asked him if he wanted to play bubbles with her and her mama.Of course he did...and after chasing after bubbles, he was ready to hop in the car and head home.

Great fun at the park!