Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Benjamin's shower

Come on in and join the shower...
Saturday was a fun day... a day to shower Benjamin and his precious Mama with love, friendship, advice, blessings and other gifts.This is Amber...Lindsey's sweetheart of a friend who gave her and Benjamin the shower.Amber had an antique Tea Set... the table was set around a theme of an Old English Tea Party. I don't know if Amber knew that Lindsey has always loved tea sets...ever since she was a little girl.The food was delicious...My baby girl next to the table...Amber, knowing how Linz and Donnie are cautious about the environment, she had these adorable, biodegradable boxes...tied with ribbon...and inside was a small clay pot planted with seeds! Mine is my kitchen window now!Ariel... I'll be excited to see what pictures she took. I only took about 150... Laura and Val...

We had some time to just visit with each other before the shower started.Christy and Amber...Nancy and Jessica...with Peter.

Nancy and Ariel...

Games are a fun part of showers, and this one was a riot! You put a paper plate on top of your head...then you had about a minute to draw Lindsey and Benjamin. There was a prize for the most accurate...and the funniest.Laura and Christy...Carla and Spring...Spring and Val...Look at Carla's drawing! I was impressed... I think she won the most accurate.Val was trying to convince Lindsey that her drawing was the best... I'm not sure if it worked!Oh, now Spring is battling for her drawing... I'm not sure if her argument worked either...
Yep, that looks like Lindsey!We also played Bingo. Carla won this game.

The other game we played was very difficult. Lindsey actually made the game. It was 15 questions about "Benjamin's" in history! Nancy answered 11 correctly, and I was next with 7! Some of the Benjamin's I had never heard of!Peter wasn't interested in the baby shower games.
He was interested in the candy. Go ahead, Peter, take a handful!
Well, maybe he can have one.

After enjoying some delicious foods...and playing a few games...we went around and everyone gave Linz a piece of advice or a blessing... It was absolutely the sweetest time.

Opening presents was next on the agenda! I took so many photos... I'll put in some of my favorites...

Sharon... she's a midwife!

Seeing as Sharon is 'in the business', she had some great & practical things for Lindsey!
Lindsey loves reading cards. Amber sat right next to my baby girl during the shower.

Boy, Linz, you'll go through a lot of those!

Ariel was bringing the gifts to Lindsey.Amber was helping to keep things organized.
Books are wonderful! Lindsey said Donnie was already working with Benjamin on his ABC's.

This looks fun!

Nancy, Val, and Carla. Nancy was the official scribe as Lindsey opened gifts!
Laura, Christy, & Jessica
This was a changing pad cover from Saddie!My buddy, Pamela... who was also Lindsey's 6th grade teacher... sent this little outfit with matching socks. I bet there's not too many new moms who get a gift from their 6th grade teacher!

Peter said he had a great time at the baby shower...

at Baby Benjamin's baby shower...
Christy, Peter/Jessica, Judy, Val, Ariel, Nancy, Carla
Sharon, Amber, Lindsey, Spring, Laura

Thank you to all of you who helped to make this so special for Lindsey and Benjamin!

P.S. For those of you who asked for the chocolate cupcakes recipe, click here. (Be sure and DO NOT use Hershey's or Ghiradelli chocolate...for whatever reason, it does not turn out as well!)

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For both recipes, I cooked the cupcakes about half (or a little less) the time as the cake called for.