Thursday, August 31, 2017

Junior Giants

 Benjamin and William participated in the Junior Giants league this summer.
It's a great program put on by the SF Giants organization.
Lindsey had sent me this pics which I just realized I had never posted!

They need the help of Benjamin and William this year!

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

My handyman....

 For someone who never reads the blog, my handyman sure likes to know
his picture is on it.
He told me a couple of different times today that 'this is probably something you want to take pictures of and put on the blog!'
It took him a long time today to get this triangular shaped piece down.  It's up high...really high that he climbs 2 levels of scaffolding and then climbs on the roof...the steeply pitched roof.
He cut a new piece (some of the siding was in need of replacing, which Pete did before he moved away.)  Now it needed to be primed before it was painted.  
Ron LOVES gadgets...all kinds of gadgets...
so many gadgets that the garage is a disaster with all his stuff.
Anyway, he really loves this new gadget, and definitely thought it was blog worthy!
 It's a paint stirrer...

 He was getting ready to put up that roller, when he saw me getting ready to take a picture. Then he posed with is roller and the newly painted new piece!
 I decided to go around and check out the flowers...

 OK, back to the can see the scaffolding...
 I had to put these blueberries in this post...
 There are multiple gadgets going on here...and all at the same time.

Oh my!  Be safe up there, Ron!!!
I definitely like the scaffolding better than a ladder, but it still wiggles when he's on it...
I don't think I could do that...
I have such a brave handyman!

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Baxter's new hobby...which hopefully will be short-lived!

 Baxter has discovered digging...
We're not too thrilled...
He doesn't do it too much,
but he loves this section of the fence where the ground is soft.
I had to video this before I told him "NO!"