Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Golfing Buddy!

 On the 16th of June, I asked Emerson if he'd like to go golfing. (Yes!)

I called our local golf course and asked if they had a putter for a 5 year old that we could either rent or borrow.  The pro's response was, "Bring him on down!"

That's exactly what I did!
 In the clubhouse, the pro gave Emerson the club and then confirmed, "He's right-handed, right?"
I said, no, he was left handed...and that he was also a left handed batter.
The pro rubbed his chin a minute and then asked Emerson, "What do you throw?"
"I throw right handed."
So the pro told Emerson to try the right handed club and come on back if he wanted to switch.
 At first, he was trying to putt left handed with a right handed club.  I pointed out which side of the club you were suppose to putt with.  He mixed it up a few times at first, then got the hang of it.
 Everytime he got close to the hole or got it in, he'd let out a holler...actually, his Mimi did, too!
 I told him that if anyone else came to the putting green, we'd have to be quiet...that golfers needed to concentrate.

Some guy came up with his golf bag, set it down, then walked off.  Um?  I told Emerson he'd probably be back and we needed to quiet down.
 The guy did come back, and he putted about a half hour, and we TRIED to be quieter.  I think we did pretty good.  Every once in a while, I'd have to remind my new golfing buddy to shhhhhh.  He'd just grin.

This is a great little putting green.  There are 5 holes, I think...maybe 6?  I told Emerson you could just go from one hole to the next and go around to all of them.
He said he didn't want to do that!
I was taking some photos with my phone, too.  The battery ran out and I continued taking some with my d90.  After awhile, probably a bit later in this blog of photos, I picked up the camera and Emerson looked at me and said,
"Mimi!  Would you put that down and play golf?"
He may not have said 'Would you'...it may have just been a command.
I laughed so hard...he didn't.
He just smiled.
 We continued to putt...and every once in a while, he'd let me know that was 'his longest putt EVER'!
 I tried to get him to put his legs together...
 but he really didn't want much coaching after he got started...
 not that his Mimi is the best coach...

We putted a good while...1-1.5 hours...and we watched a guy at the driving range.  I was explaining to Emerson how the lowest score wins in golf...he wasn't too sure about that one.

Mostly, we had a blast! 

My dad is probably still smiling down from heaven!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

It must be summer!

Look what my guy picked today!  Actually, he's out picking more as I write this...and drink a cup of coffee...

These usually start ripening while I'm gone on my People to People trip.  But this year, they're early!  Our weather has been amazing this year...no fog to speak of...and warmer!  It's been wonderful!

I'm leaving a week from today for .......... China!  So at least I can enjoy some of the fresh blueberries before taking off!

Walking/jogging on the beach on June 21

June 21st
What a gorgeous day it was!
There was no wind...
it was warm..
not a normal combination for the north coast!

I went to the beach for a walk
and to try a little jogging.
(I hurt my knee a little over a week ago...so jogging hasn't been part of my routine!)
I started at Clam Beach
and went up to Moonstone...
about 2.5 miles

When I got to Moonstone,
this mist was blowing in.
I thought it might be fog rolling in when I first saw it, 
but it wasn't, it was just a mist
and it was gorgeous!
I'm going to miss this this summer!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fish Festival

 On Sunday, June 15, we went to a fish festival.  We didn't do much of the 'fish' part, but we definitely took some pictures and had a great time with Emerson!

He spotted the ice cream truck and asked for a snow cone. 

He wanted to sit down to eat it.

We sat on a curb for AT LEAST an hour while he totally consumed it.  I was surprised that he didn't get any of it on him...not on his clothes, not on him!  We sat and watched the amazing variety of people walk by. 
 Then it was time to walk around awhile...after a bathroom stop.
 There's a historical lighthouse that overlooks the bay...and it's beautiful...the lighthouse and the setting of it.  This bell...which I did NOT read about, is next to it. Papa took our picture.  Emerson was impressed with how huge it was. 

"It's bigger than ME!"

 From the lighthouse, there is a trail of steps down to a beach.  We started down...and got about halfway when this aging Mimi's knee started to H-U-R-T.  So we stopped and enjoyed the scenery from there.  Papa got trigger happy with the camera!

I'm glad he did:)

 Then it was my turn!

 I love these!

We then headed down to walk on the pier.  We got about halfway down when our little man decided he didn't want to go to the pier.  
We headed back up...

 Emerson wanted to head back down to the beach.  I told him I didn't think I could do it so he told me to take some pictures and some video of him going down the stairs. 

I started with some pictures...
 See that bench down there?  That's where we were when we took the earlier pictures.
Emerson asked if I was taking video.
I wasn't, so I started.
I'm an obedient Mimi :)

Yep, we didn't have the fish at the fish festival, but we had a great time hanging out with Emerson!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


 Saturday morning, Emerson and I were playing Boggle Jr.  The word he was spelling was 'bowl.'  There was just a picture of a regular bowl...but for some reason, I asked him if he'd ever been bowling.

"No, but I've always wanted to try," was his answer.

So, seeing as you're reading this blog, you can guess what we did! 
 We went out to eat Mexican food...and then headed out for a night of bowling.  We had two lanes.
 Emerson had his own lane with bumper pads in the gutters...
 The management brought him the orange ball to use.  The finger holes were a bit too far apart for him to hold it like a true bowler!  But he did take advantage of the air coming out to get his hands ready!

 He was just so cute up there bowling!

 Papa was the champion...both games!
 Aren't these cute?  We were getting our shoes, and I asked Emerson to hand me one of the shoes he was wearing so I could see what size they were.  He told me he KNEW he wore a size 11.

Well, that's what we got, but the shoes he had on were a size 13!  He insisted the bowling shoes fit.

 He was loving this new sport!  After game 1, he requested we play another game!
 Game 2!

 Emerson was trying to figure out the scoring...and he pretty much did.  He filled in some of the numbers...and would tell me what the score was!

Yep, we had a grand time at the bowling alley!