Monday, May 22, 2017


Benjamin and William love to play Minecraft!
I have it on my phone and my iPad. 
When I'm there, and when ALL Benjamin's homework is finished, they get to play it.  Benjamin always plays on the phone and William on the iPad.  

This was actually in the morning before we left.  I had let them play a bit while we packed the car.
I love these boys...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Benjamin's animal project

When we were at Lindsey's the beginning of May, Benjamin had an animal project he needed to finish for school.  At first, he wasn't too thrilled about working on it.  Once he started putting it together, he was excited...and proud of it.  He had every reason to be proud of it.
 He decided to make a book out of it...and he had the idea to trim the original pages and glue them on construction paper to make a book.  At one point, I asked him if I could help trim the pages.  He paused, thought abut it and said, "Well, I think 90% yes and 10% no."  I told him I really thought it would be ok to just help cut the edges off the white part of the paper. 
 Once the book was finished...and it looked wonderful!!!...he told me he was going to have to present it to his class.  So, he started practicing how he was going to say it.  I was his audience.

He read it all to his Papa...

I love this picture of Benjamin and his Papa...sitting on the porch steps...and Benjamin sharing his project.  He did an amazing job on it!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

William's soccer game

William loves soccer!
He told Lindsey it was his favorite sport!
 We were down there May 6th and got to see William play in a game.
He was practicing a bit at home before we took off.
 Lindsey is one of the coaches...
so she was running the team through some drills before the game.
Love this picture!!!

 William is #2!

 The team has more players than they can have on the field at one time.
So...players take turns sitting out a quarter.
 William told me his favorite position to play is goalie.
He played this position for 2 quarters.

I love this shot of William going to kick the ball!

 Benjamin was cheering for his brother...

After the game, this brown bag of snacks is a welcome site!

Great job, William!
We loved loved loved watching you play!!!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

My baby boy is 41 today!

I can hardly believe he is 41 years old today...May 14.
These pictures were taken in August of he was 1 year and 3 months old here.
 Joshua was an absolutely beautiful baby...

This little jacket was green...and had a little appliqued airplane on it.  He wore it all the time!
This was in December, 1977.

(August, 1977)
 I have no idea why he's carrying a can around...he didn't drink sodas...
he didn't even have anything with sugar in it until he was...maybe 2 1/2...and that's when he had one sucker.
 This was May 14, 1981, the day he turned 5 years old.
 His 5th birthday party was at the park in Weaverville.
Joshua always has loved to be outside...he would play all day outside if I let him!
 Do these even exist in parks anymore?  
See Joshua sitting?  The boys and their friends would try to spin these so fast that kids would fall off!  That was a lot of the fun of it!
Joshua, that's Sue, Mark's mom, spinning ya'll around.
In 1981, Joshua went to Sonship Preschool.
This was his class.
Joshua, do you remember these kids?
Jennie Boorman, Monica ?, John & Joel Armstrong, Eric Johnson, Jered Ratliff, ?
Jennifer Carrington, Shanti Olson, YOU, Luke ?, Patrick Jepsen
These names aren't from memory, but from what I had written on the back of the picture!
Fast forward about 4 years to the summer of 1985.
This was your first year on the Cubs!
Fast forward to 2017...
and here he is with his precious daughter...who he is so proud of...
Thalia was going to her senior prom and he took some pictures with her.
They are so each other.
 Joshua sent me these two pictures awhile back...can't remember why someone had taken them, but I love them both! 
Joshua is one amazing man...
He's always watching out for his family...calling to check to see how everyone is...
checking in if he hears of bad weather...
just making sure everyone is doing well.

When he was a little guy, like 2-3 years old, his great grandmother, my Mimi, would comment on how he liked to work!  Well, he hasn't changed!
I love you, Joshua

Happy birthday to you!