Monday, September 24, 2018

Basketball with my boys!

I love where Gabe and Emily live now.
One of the many parts I love is the basketball hoops around the cul-de-sac
and the boys playing outside.
We went down on the 28th of September for the weekend.
Guess what we did for part of the time?
Yep, played basketball.

Seeing as Walt likes to do whatever Emerson does,
he's started playing basketball...
at 2 years old, he's already a good little dribbler!

Baxter was excited over a ball...
even though it was too big and too hard for him to do much with.
I love to watch this guy play!

I love to watch this little guy, too!

After playing awhile, the boys sat down and were waiting
on their cousins to get there.

watch out, Baxter!

Kids outside playing at their house..
I love it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

"A Man's Best Friend"

I am still in awe, over a year after getting him, how much we love this little guy.
 Every single day, Baxter makes us laugh...makes us smile...more than we could have ever imagined.  I don't know if all dogs have such personality, but Baxter definitely is personality-plus!
 He's incredibly smart, extremely playful, very affectionate, and a comic!
He loves to GO!
Riding in the car...and especially Ron's a love of his.
Ron's truck is probably his favorite, because being in the truck usually means he's going to the woods!  Ron says he just almost starts crying with excitement when he realizes where they are.

I more realize where the expression that a dog is a man's best friend comes from.
His official name, Abiqua Pajtas, literally means 'buddy', 'pal', 'sidekick' in Hungarian.
Yep, his name fits him to a T.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Happy1st Birthday, Sullivan!

 August 12, 2017, our lives were changed when we welcomed Sullivan into our world!

 In his first few days, he was under the blue lights he went!

 We were sure excited the day he came home!
 Our little angel!

The Stewart Brothers

Yep, August was a special month with our new little man!

On to September...
Your first baseball game

Your first birthday was Walt's 2nd birthday

Sports and parties...that's always going on in the Stewart home.  Sullivan got to experience
both in September!

Here comes October!

This was a special day...October 22nd.
You were dedicated and both your sets of grandparents were there!

November...Thanksgiving month...
You came to McKinleyville for the holidays.  Others were suppose to come...
but because of sickness, they didn't.
We had fun with you...and took lots of family pictures, of course!

Here comes December...
 You got to meet your Uncle Joshua!
 Walks around the lake are always fun.
You love your teddy bear that was given to you in the hospital!

Welcome to 2018, Sullivan!
 Who do you see in that mirror?

 January 19th is your parents' anniversary.
You, your brothers and your daddy all sang "LOVE" to your mom
after a special bike ride.
 Look how cute you are!

February is here!
We came down to celebrate William's 6th birthday.
Look how you're growing!

 Your brothers are crazy about you!  William is rough and Benjamin is more gentle with you.
You love it all!
There are so many fun things to play with on this!

 Baxter was excited to come see you in March.
Here we were out for a walk!
 You were all warm and snug with your mama.
When you laugh, your entire face lights up!
What a happy boy you are!


 We were outside, playing baseball.
You were just watching...

It was a perfect time for a picture of you and your brothers!
You love your new mat!

 Your mama took these and sent them to me.
(Thank you, Lindsey!)

I was keeping you in the middle of May...and we took some 'selfies'!

I should have called you 'Scooter', the way you scoot across the room!
 Benjamin had a birthday party because he turned 9 years old!
 You also went to a tailgate party before the Earthquakes game!
I just love your little helmet!
You still love to play with all the toys on the exersaucer...
Bathtime?  Sometimes you love it and sometimes you don't!
Today, you did!  You were enjoying playing in the water.

 This was a busy busy month for you!
 You flew to Montana...then to Denver.
Your Saddie was so excited to meet you!
You also saw Uncle Joshua, Aunt Erica, Uncle John and Aunt Becky...
Addison and Soo..
and also Remy, Yuna, and Brody.

We also met at the condo during July to do some work on it.
Look at you standing!
 Aunt Emily took you in the pool with your cousins and brothers.
 You also came to see Papa and me!
We went to a petting zoo, which you enjoyed.
 Can you tell you liked the straw?

 Baxter shared his crate with you and William!
 The World Cup was going on...
you liked watching the games on TV.
 This rocking chair...
it was your great-great grandfathers.
He was given the chair on his first birthday in 1902...
Your Saddie was given the chair on her first birthday in 1928...
Somewhere along the line, I got the chair.
All the grandsons have had their picture taken in it!
 Some of these pictures are out of order...
here you are back in Denver with your Saddie.
 This is on July 4th at your house.  I think you had gone to a parade.
Back in Denver....
I just love this picture of you, Sullivan!


Here you are...1 year old!!!
I wanted to see you and celebrate your birthday.  I was heading to Denver so we had a little celebration early.  What a year this has been, Sullivan.  You are such a little sweetheart and so incredibly loved!