Monday, September 25, 2017

Emerson's game before Walter's party

 Saturday, September 23, was the day of Walt's 2nd birthday party!
But before his party, his brother had a baseball game.
 You may know why I love this picture...
and maybe you won't.
Gabe was a to see Emerson doing it...
well, it touches my heart!

 He did a great job at catcher!

 Walt was just cruising around...
with his hands in his pockets...
 He told me had on his baseball shirt...

 Guess who one of the coaches is????
 I love seeing this, too!

 Walt continued to cruise around.
I'm not too sure if he was thinking his birthday party was coming up...
 He might have just been 'living in the moment'...

 He was having a great matter if he was thinking about his upcoming party or not!

 His hands in his pockets...Oh my!
This was just absolutely adorable!!!
 Baxter was being we went and enclosed him (with us) in the tennis courts.
We were throwing a tennis ball for him to get and bring back to us...

 Walt is pretty good at saying, 
"NO Baxter"
'Baxter, SIT'

 (still on the tennis courts)
THE ball...
such a source of fun for Baxter!

Now it was time for a party for our Walt!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

William's Video about his legos on October 13th

I was just (September 20, 2017) looking back at the list of 'drafts' from this blog and saw this had never been published.  I had it set to publish on October 31, 2016...but I guess I forgot to press the 'pubish''s William almost a year ago!

William loves his legos!
He and Benjamin are amazing with them.
 On this day, he asked me to 'make a video.'
He's adorable!

 He thought I should also include his cars and trucks close up.
Great job on this, William!
Maybe you'll have a job as an announcer?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Baxter heads to the woods

Cooler weather will be here before too long..
which means we need more wood to burn!
Sunday, we took off to go cut some firewood...
Baxter was excited...he got in the back seat of Ron's truck and was seatbelted in...
We started traveling north..
Ron thought we'd be higher than the fog when we got to our destination...
We were actually out of it long before we got there.
You can't see, but the Pacific is right over that grass...
It's so beautiful here!
We had to stop for some road work.  Parts of the highway like to head down to the it's always (it seems) being rebuilt or reinforced.
Our driver :)
Whenever we head north, I love this part...where it opens up to the ocean.  There used to be campers lined up here, but now camping is not allowed.

Addison...John David...can you guess where we were passing?
Can you see Baxter checking out the scenery?
We were off the main road and heading uphill...
I had originally been a bit concerned about going up in the woods since this was the opening weekend of hunting season.  Ron had reassured me it was OK, that no one would be hunting where we were going.  "It's behind a locked gate," he had told me.
Yep, here's the locked gate!

Lots of smaller trees here...
I loved this...we were higher in elevation...and could look down on mountains through these trees.

We turned off onto a rocked road...
and then to a dirt road...
red dirt...
Baxter had a bath yesterday...
oh well, at least he had a clean start to playing in the dirt!

This was a load of logs that had been down for at least a year.
It's already dried, ready to burn, and easy to get for firewood.
Baxter had his food and water bowls...
but he was thrilled with all the sticks!

Oh boy!  Soft red dirt to dig in...

Ron cut the wood,
I stacked it in the truck,
Baxter ran around.


It was an absolutely beautiful day...
and beautiful setting!
Our formerly clean pup!

Can you tell he was enjoying the digging?
He hasn't been digging at home recently...
so I hope this doesn't spark him to start again in the backyard!

I just love his ears!

Another stick...

Oh my!
He would drink water,
then dig...
look at that face!
Of course, his water became a mess from all the dirt coming off his muzzle as he drank.
I can't believe how fast his hair grows!
I JUST cut his hair a little over a week ago.  We could see his eyes really well...but now...well, can you see his eyes?

After running around,
Baxter was done!

We loaded up and took off towards home.

Passing some lagoons...

Our little town...
Baxter had a grand time...
and we'll be warm when the cooler weather comes!