Tuesday, September 17, 2019

My two W's

 We were between games and Walt had come home with us.
He and William were out in the backyard.  This is what I saw!
 There they sat on top of that shed...flying a remote controlled plane.
 Aren't they precious?
I sure think so!

 William wanted me to get a picture of the plane IN THE AIR!
 I did!
    Walt was definitely enjoying himself...having a grand time with his cousin, William...my 2 W's!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Game 3 on August 11

 This was an early game.
The team wore a different uniform.

 Even the coaches had on different 'uniforms'!

 Emerson had a lot of action at 2nd base!

 Up to bat...
 off to 1st
 Gabe was giving his boy some instruction...
 He made it to third...
 and home!
 Most of the gang was in the bleachers watching...

 Another hit...
 My boys!
Love seeing this...Emerson on base with Gabe as first base coach!

 Love this picture!

 This game was a W!
Another game was coming up!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Having a BBQ at Lindsey's

After Saturday's games, we had a BBQ at Lindsey's.  It was my birthday and Sullivan's was 2 days later.  THIS is what I was wanting...a picture with all my boys!
 Just hanging out, kids playing, having a beer and just visiting...
I love it!

                                                                     My baby girl...
she went out of her way to make it all wonderful!
She bought a birthday tablecloth...
made a delicious peach cobbler.

 I'm not sure what Emily was doing here?
This picture makes me laugh because this is not Emily!  I mean, it is her, but the way
this looks is not her!  She was probably holding the beer for Gabe???  

Sullivan was ready for his peach cobbler...
and it was all wonderful!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Game 2 of Emerson's tournament (August 10)

 Game 2 started at 3 p.m.
It was warm...very warm...
There's my guy...playing 2nd base!
 That was a tough one to catch!

 Love these pictures of my favorite baseball player!

 William was watching...

 Taking his practice swings...
 My guy got on base!
 A favorite picture!

 Got to 2nd base...
 and to third...
 and he scored!
 Way to go, Emerson!
 In the meantime, my youngest W wanted my oldest W to go to the playground with him.
Thank you, William.  He did and they played awhile.

This little guy was sure having fun, too!