Friday, January 11, 2019

New Year's Eve snow

 We were having our 'Christmas' on New Year's Day.  It was the only time we could all be together...Erica and Thalia had been in southern California and were coming back today.  
That meant New Year's Eve was a day for me to cook!
Well, I was busy around here and Mom called.  She needed help, she said.  That scared me, thinking she had fallen or something.  When I asked her what she needed help with, she said, she didn't want to fall.  I asked where she was...well, my 91 year old mom who hasn't been feeling well, had driven over IN THE SNOW to our place!  She didn't want to fall getting out of her car and walking in the snow from the driveway to the house!
 Sullivan was trying to figure out his Saddie!
 William and Benjamin were loving playing in the snow!
 Baxter was enjoying it, too!
 Ron was shoveling...but I think he also enjoyed it.
I love this weather!  It can snow one day, and be beautiful and warm the next.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Later on December 30

Our precious little Sullivan with his sweet mama...
Mom hasn't been feeling well, but today she had a bit more energy and came over to John David's to hang out with the family.  Well, that is when she wasn't on her phone! (just kidding!)
Remy is getting so big!
Addison was contemplating his upcoming move to another state back east.
Yuna and Sullivan were playing.

Just a little time spent hanging out!  I love it!

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Hike at Matthew Winter's on December 30, 2018

Brenda told us about a new place to hike...Matthew Winter's.
It's close to Red we all met there.  
Joshua, Eli, Brenda, Baxter, Ron, me, Donnie (with Sullivan) and Lindsey in the back.
Benjamin, William, Emma, and Sullivan
Jackson and Bailey in front.

 It was a bit brisk outside!

 There were definitely some places for the kids to climb.

 Climbing 'kids' come in all ages!

 Even Canine kids like to climb!

 Jackson was a bit disgruntled for a time.
 The crew!

 At the end of our hike, I wanted to take a picture of the group.
Someone who I love with all my heart wasn't too excited about the idea.  I won't mention any names.

 It took awhile to get everyone assembled.  Snow, climbing trees, general running around by those under 10 years old slowed the process.

 Finally!  It was worth the effort to me!
Lindsey wanted a picture of just her family for her Saddie.

Hiking...we love it...and love it even more with those we love!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

White Ranch hike on Christmas Eve

I love love love these two!
An enormous, blessed benefit to living in Colorado is pictured here!
Joshua and Erica live here, and Thalia comes here to visit from Florida.
 We met at White Ranch, close to Golden, CO, for a hike.
 Larry, Brenda, Eli, Lissette, Brian, Thomas, Joshua and Thalia all got there before Ron and they took off on the trail.
 Lissette fell on an icy patch so they were on their way back to the car when we arrived.  
Larry and Eli stayed...while Brenda, Lissette, Brian and Thomas went home.

We took off...for Joshua, Thalia, Larry and Eli, they took off again!
See Joshua and Baxter up ahead?
 Thalia was going for it...
uphill for the 2nd time.
It was probably a bit tough seeing as she lives at sea level in Florida and this was at about 7,000 feet!
 There were beautiful homes around the trails.

 When we stopped to take some pictures, Ron was advised by his granddaughter and son to remove the orange vest!

 Come on, Thalia!
 Not too long after this, Joshua noticed Thalia was a bit pale...
so they headed back.
Ron, Larry, Eli, Baxter and I continued on for awhile.
 Eli is 8 years old...and he's quite the hiker.
He must get it from his grandpa (Larry) and his mom!
We had been climbing...and climbing...and he suggested we stop for a "little break."
 These pictures were taken from there.

 I told Eli to go stand by his grandpa!
Knowing I had food to make for tomorrow's Christmas dinner, we headed downhill from here.  This ended up as a 3.5 mile hike for Ron and I.  
Another great hike in Colorado!