Thursday, November 02, 2017

A foggy day getting firewood

 Foggy...and a bit cool....
We took off to go cut some more firewood.
It was definitely foggy...and 49 degrees!
 We were behind a locked gate...
 The forest is beautiful anytime...
but in the fog, it's just magical.

 Our neutered buddy was in the back seat...

 This picture above and below is where we stopped...
same as the last couple of times...
but it definitely looks a little different in the fog.

 It was also MUDDY...
very muddy...
and Baxter didn't care...

 I love this picture!
Ron has loved the woods for so long...
 I started getting a little worried about Baxter...
thinking his incision would get too dirty...

 THIS is what concerned me the most...
I was worried about a stick hitting him in his incision...
 He wasn't too concerned...
but he definitely wasn't as rambunctious as he usually is in the woods!
Well, alls well that ends well...
I eventually put him in the truck and tried to clean him up a little...
including his cone.
He was tired...but no damage done!

and we got some more wood!

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Five the Celebration at Lindsey's

We needed to get on the road and head home...
but first...
we wanted...we needed...a picture with our 5 grandsons...and Baxter.
 I still don't quite get what this DAB is...or whatever it's called.
 I want to get one of these framed...but not sure which one is my favorite!

 This one makes me laugh!

 The boys were the ones that wanted Baxter in the picture.
Here, Walt's not too sure about this whole picture taking episode.
 After our photos with all 5 boys, Lindsey got some of Sullivan and his Mimi...
love, love, love!

 Benjamin came over to join us again for a few pictures...

Then came Emerson...
and after that..
this Mimi and Papa packed up and took off for home.

What a fun day this was!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Celebration Party

 Parties at the Stewart's are always fun!
Today's party (Sunday after church) was no exception.
We were celebrating Benjamin's baptism and Sullivan's dedication.
Alan and Nicholas
 I love this picture of them!
 My baby boy...aka, Gabe.
 Gabe, Ron, Lindsey
 Look at that white in Gabrial's beard!
On the King side of our family, we've had quite a few who greyed early.
You look great, Gabe!
 Aria...what a little sweetie!
 I don't know everyone's name...but this is Claudia's daughter!
 Emily and Walt

 Aria and Nicholas' grandparents...Alan's parents
 Gabe, Alan, and Claudia's husband
 Claudia, Susan, Don
 Gabe, Donnie, Alan, Claudia's husband

 Miquel Alonso
 As usual, the trampoline is a big hit!

 Ron...aka Papa
 Alan, Benjamin, Aria, Aria's grandpa, Walt, Emily
 My sweet baby girl
 Walt was wanting to play basketball with his brother, Emerson!
 Baxter!!! He STOLE a hot dog!
 Betty (aka Oma) and Sullivan

 Claudia's husband and youngest son

 Gabe briefly showed Walt how to ride a scooter...
 and he took off on it!

 Sullivan and Oma

 Claudia and her daughter
 the back of Emerson's head!
He tried to delete this...but I overpowered him!
 Emily and Sullivan

 Alan and Nicholas

 My girls and their youngest sons
 My two eldest grandsons...
Emerson and Benjamin

 Miquel Alonso

 London and William

 Emerson and William

Walt and Emerson on the trampoline

 At one point, I heard London ask Benjamin to play baseball.
 He did...and that was the beginning of a big baseball game that lasted the rest of the party!

 Well, there was a lapse when I didn't see any of the big kids...
and this is where I found them.
and lots of advice on what to do!

 Back outside, Walt was hungry for these DELICIOUS noodles...a korean dish.

 Walt and Gabe

 Donnie got on the trampoline with Walt

 Don was the bad guy...telling the kids to get off the electronics...
and then the baseball game really got in gear!

 William is standing on "first base"

 It was a great party...and the weather...
oh was absolutely perfect!

 Here, William is on "third base"

Yep, it was a special Sunday all the way around!
What fun!