Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sorry, Jack

I started a post on Jack yesterday and never published it...until today.

With blogger, the posts are shown in the order they were started, not completed. So scroll down a little, and you'll see 'Classical Jack.'


Heading across the Atlantic

Riding the London Eye in 2008

It's summer... and that means it's about time for me to take off across the ocean. This year, I'm heading to England, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Thankfully, it's only a 2 week trip this year. I'm definitely excited to go...but I'll miss my little men!Big Ben in London, EnglandEiffel Tower in Paris, FranceGrand Place in Brussels, BelgiumCanals in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Here it is, the day before I leave...and I SHOULD be finishing my up the some more things for Ron...

But what am I doing? Making a new desktop for my computer...of my little men, of course... putting photos of them into frames...

but I will finish packing... I don't have much choice!

Follow me on my trip at I'll be trying to give daily updates... not only for the followers of the Johnston Chronicles, but also for the parents and friends of the 37 wonderful high school students I'm taking!

Oh boy!

My new desktop

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Classical Jack

Jack came to visit me today...he brought along his mama and his new, but yet to be born, baby brother.
I asked him if he was excited about being a big brother...

"Well, sure, I guess," he told me.
"Do you think he'll wanna play with me?" asked Jack.
His mama was telling him how his little brother will be a bit too small to play, at least for a little while."Will he play Cowboys with me?"

Jack showed me his new cowboy boots...
I told him how nice they looked on his feet...
Jack said he liked to wear shoes now...well, even boots. He used to...well, it used to be hard to keep shoes on him...Jack explained to me that he was older now... that he was almost 2 years old.

Then Jack's mama told me he loved classical music.

"Really, Jack? What do you like to listen to?" I asked him.

Well, he told me he actually loved to PLAY classical music...and so he gave us a little concert. He was stunning!

He asked if there was anything in particular I wanted him to play. I just told him to play whatever his heart desired.
"Okeedokey," he said...and then he started to play.
His mama told him that his Aunt Judy would love to hear him sing...
"What a beautiful voice you have, Jack!"
With that encouragement, he really got into it!
After about 3 hours, he asked me how I had liked his concert?Jack, you're amazing!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Uncle Joshua

Joshua... the older brother... is now Uncle to these two little men who came into our family in the month of May. I hope Emerson and Benjamin know how lucky they are. I know Thalia could tell them.

Joshua lives far away, so he hasn't been able to get up here to see his new nephews. But he calls... oh how he calls. When Emily was in labor, he called, he texted me... he called some more.

Even before Lindsey was in labor, Joshua would call, "How's Linz doing?" I don't know how many times he's asked that... he is still asking that. After Benjamin was born, Joshua would call, "How's Linz doing? How's Benjamin?" Often, I'd tell him something and then he'd ask, "That's good, isn't it?"

Usually a conversation goes like this: my phone rings... I pick it up and say 'Hello.' Joshua's response, "Hey." That's it, just 'Hey'.... but then he starts, wanting to know everything that's going on, asking how everyone is. I wish so much that they lived closer... I miss having Joshua, Erica, and Thalia here with us.

A couple of days ago, Joshua called, "Good blog, Jutze. I like the blog...makes me feel like I know 'em."

Uncle Joshua... big brother, Joshua... my baby boy, Joshua...Joshua, 9 weeks old, with my dad. Daddy always called him "Big Josh".

He's 'big' alright...big hearted...

He's absolutely incredible...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can you change a Dad's mind on Father's Day?

"Hey there Daddy!"
Emerson was trying to think what he could do for his daddy on Father's Day. He knows how much his daddy loves baseball...but his mama and his Godmother love it too. Only... they like different teams. He had learned his lesson about boxing from his cousin, Benjamin, so that was out.
Emerson was disgusted. He didn't know what to do...he hated to tell his daddy he didn't like the Giants...and he didn't want to tell his mama he didn't like the A's...
"Oh geez, what a mess I'm in," sweet little innocent Emerson thought.

"Hey Daddy. I have an idea for what we can do."

"I don't want to watch the A's or the Giants...but I will watch some baseball."
"Ummm, let me think..."

"I've got a great idea...wanna hear it?"

"How about the Rangers?"
"It'll make some people pretty excited!""How about it? I am part Texan, ya know?"

Happy Father's Day ... from Emerson

(and Mimi thanks her friend, Terri!)

Hanging out with Dad

This little man will be able to say Happy Father's Day for the first time tomorrow...
He might even shout it as loud as he can...or he may decide to snooze the day away...just hanging out on his daddy's chest...He might decide to dress up and put on his little suit...or he might be one of the nude hikers...truly, tomorrow is Nude Hiker's Day...BubbleShare: Share photos - Find great Clip Art Images.

Benjamin's mama said, "NO," to the nude hiking by her little man - or her big man!
She told Benjamin he might get arrested for indecent exposure. He really had not wanted to do any nude hiking, so he was relieved that his mama wouldn't let him.
His mama was proud of him...
He decided to sleep a little bit more on his daddy's chest...oh, it's so warm there!His daddy was happy that his new son wanted to hang out with him...Benjamin woke up long enough to ask is dad what he wanted to do...seeing as tomorrow is Father's Day..."Well, Benjamin, how about going for a walk in your BOB...especially since we have the bar on correctly and your car seat will fit now?"

Benjamin considered this...
"Yee haw," the little man yelled. And so the new little family took our little man on a walk in his BOB...

Unfortunately/fortunately (?), the BOB puts our little man to sleep...But he did ask me to let his daddy know he hoped he had a Happy Father's Day!