Friday, March 31, 2017

William's year of being 4!

 Starting in February 2016...
look how you've grown up, William!

 It took you about 5 minutes - or less - to learn how to ride your bike without training wheels!
 Your Mimi was SHOCKED!  
You just took off!

 Your mama had bought you and Benjamin matching it was time for some photos!

 Look how young you look!!!!
 Your 4th birthday party was a Paw Patrol theme...
 and you loved wearing this.
It had been your Halloween costume, but you remembered it and put it on before your party.

Before we left, you were making me laugh!
You wanted me to take pictures, and every time you heard the camera click, you'd change your were hilarious.
However, when I started laughing, you told me to STOP!

In March, you came to see us!
 It was we dyed Easter Eggs...
 You love to color...

You and Benjamin looked for the Easter Eggs that had been hidden.
We so so loved having you come to our house!

We were at your house in April.

 Papa had left his truck at your house and you and Benjamin loved climbing in the back of it.

Uh-oh...some little 4 year old wasn't too happy.

 In May, you came up to Santa Rosa for Emerson's birthday.  He had a baseball themed party and you practiced batting...

 and you definitely enjoyed the popsicles!
 Back at Emerson's house, Mimi and Papa wanted a picture with their 4 boys!
 At the end of May, we came to your house to celebrate Benjamin's birthday.
William!  That's you in the mask! 
 You also LOVE to take pictures with my phone.  I just love this picture of you taking a picture of this little girl!
All this was in May!

I was down at your house in the beginning of July.
As usual, you LOVE the trampoline...
and I loved watching you play with your cars.
Look at  your hair, William!
 We spent some time at the park playing.
 We also went fishing at Lake Elizabeth.
You did a good job at casting...and reeling in.
I just love this picture of you!

  In the middle/end of July, you were up at our house.  We went to the beach and played.
 We also went on a hike on an old abandoned railroad.  
It started in this little old town and went to an abandoned train tunnel.
At first, you didn't want to walk, so your dad carried you for awhile.
 But then, off you went to join Benjamin and Emerson.
This is one of my favorite pictures!
 We played at the park by my house...and you and Emerson 'put me in jail'!
You told me I had to take 50 pictures before I could get out.
I think after about 20, you and Emerson changed your mind and let me out!
 Uncle Joshua was also here!
You played croquet in the back yard!

We also went bowling...
you definitely had fun...
 and we made pizza!

I came to see you in August.
 We spent some time at the park.
Your mama took snacks...
and made sure to have lots of sunscreen on you!

 Isn't it funny what jumping on the trampoline does to your hair?
It does the same to mine IF I jump as much as you do!

 You still love to take pictures with my phone!
and you LOVE to take selfies!  William, I bet I have had hundreds of pictures ...or selfies...that you've taken.  You make me laugh! 
 It was a bit hot outside...and you and Benjamin had fun building/playing trains inside where it was cooler.  Your mama was busy packing because....
 You and your family flew to Hawaii!
I took you to the airport to fly out...

In September, you came to Walt's first birthday party.
You got right out with a bunch of kids running around and playing.

You are so social and you love to play and have fun!
I love this!  When it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Walt,  
you, Benjamin, and Emerson were all right there.
Can you find yourself in this picture?

 I came to visit you in October.
You had soccer practice...that was so much fun to watch!
You had fallen asleep on the way there...
and then you were cold!

 You're also so good at gymnastics!
Look how strong you are!
 I loved this.
You built this city and you had me 'make a video' of you talking about it.
"I hope you like it," you'd say to the camera.
 Look at you!  What a cutie you are!
 At Benjamin's baseball practices and games, you have little buddies you like to run around and play with.

We also went to Arden Farms with a Spanish group.  You made this craft along with helping to make apple cider...and pet animals...and pick out your own pumpkin!
We went out to breakfast one morning with some of your mom's friends.  They all have daughters that are your friends!  The four of you just had a grand time over there!

In December, we all headed down to Uncle Joshua's in southern California!
 He took us to see helicopters!
You got to sit inside at the controls.

 Christmas morning, your stocking was filled...
and there were gifts to open under the tree.
 Christmas afternoon, we went down to the pier and the beach and walked around...
 and we played on the beach...
It was a gorgeous day and lots of fun!
 The day after Christmas, we went to LEGOLAND!!!
You were super excited...seeing as how much you love legos!

 There was even a mini-golf course there!  We played!
You got a little tired of it before we finished 18 holes!
 OH NO!  
William!!!  Look what happened!
That night after Legoland, you were playing on the stairs...we're not sure exactly what happened, but Emerson came and told us your arm was hurting.
You were laying on the landing of the stairs and said you 'heard a crack'.
Well, your dad stabilized your arm and off you went with your mom and dad to the hospital.
When you came back, the doctors had X-rayed you and they said it wasn't broken...but you were still put in a sling.
 It slowed you down a little bit...but not too much!
After another day, we went back to Legoland!
 William, you rode a big roller coaster with Benjamin and me...
your arm in a sling didn't stop you from having fun!
Here we all are on Christmas Day!

Now here we are in February...the month you turn 5 years old!
 Look at the oranges on your trees!!!
You definitely love fruit.
 I kept asking you how old you were going to be...
 We went and watched Benjamin's baseball practice...
 and on the 26th, 2 days early, we celebrated your birthday!
 You had so many of your friends come to wish you a Happy Birthday!
 I think know you loved the cupcakes!
 When you opened your gifts, you told me I should take pictures of you...
and I did!
 Look at you swim!
You finished a level and got 3 ribbons!
This was on your actual birthday.  Everyone at the pool sang happy birthday to you!

Can you tell we're all excited you're 5 years old!
We are!

Happy birthday, William!!!