Friday, August 30, 2013

My boys come visit!

The boys came up today... And brought Gabrial and Lindsey with them...

Oh boy!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Somebody looks like they're proud to wear a Giant's jersey...and not just any Giant's jersey, but Buster Posey's!  

You look great in that, Emerson King!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Last day in Bangkok - August 14

On our last night in Bangkok, Lizbeth and I were sitting at dinner and she said, "Well, Judy, the party's over!"

It's definitely been a 'party'...a 25 day incredible time with Joshua, Erica, Thalia, and Lizbeth.  I remember on day 1 being in awe of all the wires!
I have loved, loved, loved eating all the Thai food!  I've always liked it, but having Thai food in Thailand has been the best!  I've also been in awe of how inexpensive it is!
and the coconuts!

The markets are an image I'll definitely flash on whenever I hear the name Bangkok...
 Rain!  We saw very little of it, even though this is the 'rainy season'...
Getting around town is something else I've enjoyed...
the BTS, taxis, Tuk-Tuks...I never got on a scooter - and that was by choice!  The traffic is something else I won't forget!

This is the BTS stop closest to Joshua, Erica, and Thalia's...

The shopping is incredible...all kinds of shopping.  From the more expensive mall shops to the ones on the streets....there's something for everyone.

The colors...the architecture...oh my!

This photo was taken in the airport at Bangkok...
 and I have loved, loved, loved the elephants! Definitely one of the highlights of my summer!
 I absolutely loved Koh Chang...the island we went to.  It was so gorgeous...and so relaxing...

 Thalia's school was absolutely amazing...I'd love to be teaching there for a year or two...
 I can't say I loved the toilets...but they were definitely a new experience for me.  Of course, you don't see any paper anywhere...
But that's where the bum gun comes in handy...only, do you see a bum gun here?  (no) I don't know what the deal is.  Maybe it's a BYOP situation (Bring Your Own Paper)

I loved exploring the city...exploring it with Joshua...with Erica...with Thalia...and with Lizbeth...

Wat Pho
 Wat Aron
There's so much more....but the very best thing I loved about being in Thailand...the absolute best part was:

being with Joshua, Erica, Thalia, and Lizbeth.

 (**Disclaimer:  Thalia was not...I repeat was not...drinking this liquid in the brown bottle.  Nope, it was her Mimi...Thalia just graciously held it for her Mimi while a camera was taken out of the camera bag:)
I have this picture in my mind...of us all walking...and Lizbeth and I in the back...Joshua in front of me.  He was holding Erica's hand as she walked on one side of him...and Thalia was on the other side of him, holding on to his arm.  I could see Joshua turn his head from one side to the talk to his girls...and always...always there was a big smile. 

THAT'S what I loved the most about Thailand...


Gabe sent me this photo of our little slugger, aka Emerson King.  I also read in the paper this morning that Chula Vista's Little League team won a game yesterday that is sending them to the championship game (against Tokyo) in the Little League World Series.

I sit here and wonder about this little man... will that be one of his dreams?  

Look at that stance...look at his face!  Maybe Chula Vista could use him a 4 year old slugger?

Go Emerson!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thalia's first day of high school recap - August 13, part 2

 While Thalia was at school, I kept thinking about her...hoping she was having a great first day...
 Erica, Lizbeth, and I took off and went looking for a few things...I found one thing... Lizbeth struck out on her quest...
 Then we headed to eat.  I had a DELICIOUS shrimp wonton soup...for 45 baht!  (about $1.50)  We bought some groceries...and headed home in time for our newest high schooler to come home.
 Poor Thalia, as the van drove in, the paparrazi was there with their cameras (that would translate to her mama and both her grandmothers)...snapping away...and anxious to hear all about her first day.
Isn't she just so, so beautiful?  

 Well, her first day went pretty well...except she was a bit upset by her first class.  She was put in a spanish class for native speakers...and they ONLY spoke Spanish...and she said she understood about every third word at best.  That's not the class she should be in...but it worried her about the difficulty of high school.

Except for that, the rest of the day went well... she had some homework...but here it is, 7:30 p.m. and she's sitting on the couch on Facebook...homework done...looking relaxed!

What a sweetheart!

It was another great day in Bangkok...and one that made me a little sad as I was thinking about this journey coming to an end.  I so miss my guy...but I'm also loving being here...

I'm thankful for another day in Bangkok!