Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Emily at 29 weeks...

Emily... one of my sweet daughter-in-laws...
One of our grandsons is nice and cozy in there...

"Hey there, Little King. Your Mimi loves you!"Isn't he precious?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Glazed Lemon Cake

Just thought I'd let you know... those of you dessert lovers, that over at the Cook's Corner, is an absolutely divine lemon cake. Oh, it is tasty!

Double Rainbow

We've had some rain...real rain... these past few days. Saturday, after it had been downpouring for awhile, my guy looked outside and called for me to come look.

A rainbow...
A double rainbow...
I kept backing up...trying to get the entire rainbow - both entire rainbows - in the photo.
I couldn't do was too wide, too high... but it was gorgeous.I got a close-up of it...We noticed the brighter rainbow seemed to end up at Marvin's...
Marvin - he's got a pot of gold!It was just awesome!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Precious Baby Girl

28 years ago today...Our precious baby girl was born.We didn't know it was going to be Lindsey... we had no ultrasounds to tell us...I had a strong feeling Lindsey would be Lindsey... but all I prayed for was a healthy baby.Her proud Papa cut the cord after she was born. Symbolic.8 lbs., 11 ounces... my smallest baby!Big brother, Joshua, wasn't too sure what they were doing to his baby sister. See his hands? He was worried. "Oh, look Dear... we have a daughter! Lovely Little Lindsey..."I couldn't stop looking at her... holding her... kissing her... thanking God for her.Her proud Papa couldn't stop looking at her either.Big brother Gabe was excited... a nervous excited, I can tell by his smile. We were together, looking at our newest miracle... the Johnstons. Lindsey's big brothers were curious... but still keeping a little distance, a little unsure of this new little being...Gabe, in his intense curiosity, decided to see if she had any feet.
Lindsey Nicole... 28 years ago, today!
Now, 28 years later, my precious baby girl is carrying her first child... a son, Benjamin...Benjamin at 21 weeks...Benjamin at 22 weeks... on Valentine's DayLindsey has been practicing being a mom - of sorts - to Fluffy...Her helpful husband, Donnie, has been practicing being a Papa... and a chef... and a dishwasher... and an encourager... and, well, he's just so helpful! Maybe with a tad bit of prodding on his sweet pregnant wife's part....So here are Benjamin's proud parents to be, celebrating Valentine's... celebrating Benjamin... and today celebrating Lindsey's 28th birthday.

I love you, precious one!

Happy Birthday!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentine

He's been my valentine for over 40 years...ever since I was 14 years old. I count myself blessed.November, 1970

40 years ago this past summer, I was down visiting my friend, Sharon. She was telling me she had someone she wanted me to meet... his name was Ronny... and he was her boyfriend's best friend.Senior year in high school, 1972... he was known as 'Lightning'

Ron and Kim (her boyfriend) had been friends for years...since elementary or maybe junior high school. They played football together ... and now they were both going to play for our high school. Sharon had her mom's car (can't remember how...or why... she was only 15!) and she picked me up and off we went to watch Kim and Ronny practice football.

After practice, they came sauntering over... Sharon introduced us... and we all decided to go to the Dairy Queen for a coke. I don't remember a lot about that visit, except that I got a phone call a little later asking if I wanted to go out. I did... and the rest is history.Senior Prom, May, 1972

I remember early in our marriage, my Valentine telling me he would always take care of me... of me and our children...May, 1977

He has...

My Valentine is an incredible husband, father, Papa, .... I could go on... Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC., April 16, 2001

I remember one night, we were talking about one of our friends who always has chaos going on in her home...always something... my guy asked me if I thought our life was boring. My answer was 'absolutely not.' Carter 301 Restaurant, May, 2008

Our home has always been a peaceful place... oh there have been some times when things weren't rosy, but they have been far and few between. I believe those times made us stronger. Mother's Day, May 2007

I can't remember where I read or heard this, but it was, 'One of the best things a father can do for his children is to love their mother.'

Our children must have the best... because their dad definitely loves their mother - and vice versa.
Circa @1970

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A little progress

A little progress has happened here at the home of the Johnston Chronicles! A couple of weeks ago, (maybe 3?) we finally got the new patio poured. We obviously haven't been able to use the new back door because we would have been stepping into mud. We've definitely been enjoying the wood stove this winter, not having turned on the central heat once! You can see how the wood supply has deteriorated.

Oh, excuse the form for the patio that's leaning against the woodpile. I guess my valentine should cut it up and burn it!
Seeing as my valentine loves to work in the yard, he got these rocks to make a path. We need a path to the wood pile and also to the gate. Right now the rocks are in the rock pile. We have many piles at the Johnston Chronicles. We had even more piles when Blu was here.
This is what is coming up in our flower beds now... could spring be around the corner?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


In my ongoing sciatica struggles, which are drastically better - Praise God for that! - I have been told by multiple people to get into yoga... My brother-in-law, Larry, has done it for years. I think he's often been the lone male in all female yoga classes. I would imagine he has stood out a bit, considering he's about 6'6". He's also the marathoner... He said, take yoga!

My precious baby girl - the mother of the developing Little Benjamin - has also advised me to 'take yoga!' She is doing some pre-natal yoga at home by a DVD and will be starting a class on it fairly soon. Here, I'll let her show you one of her moves: My sweetheart daughter-in-law, mother of the developing Little King, is also taking pre-natal yoga. I think she has it on a DVD, too.

Seems to be the thing to do - whether you're pregnant, or not; whether you're male or female. I hear it's good for your "core muscles."

So as soon as my doctor says I can attempt to do all these convoluted moves, I guess I'll be signing up for yoga...

the next question is, what kind?

Here's Linz in a non-yoga position... in her 21st week!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Amazing Blu

It has been documented here on the Johnston Chronicles that Blu is an amazing dog.

My sweet daughter-in-law, Erica, needed some quiet time to study. So Thalia, not wanting to bother her mama, went into her room with Blu to quietly play.How do you like Blu in Uggs?Blu definitely looks like a tourist! He even posed for this picture taken by Thalia!But Blu, doesn't want to be 'discovered' on the Johnston Chronicles...He doesn't want to be famous... he just wants to be Blu, spending his days playing with Thalia. We know he's absolutely amazing, however.