Saturday, June 19, 2010

A sweet job

I'm in London now...just finishing a day of traveling...and a little sightseeing...and a good visit at Hampton Court Palace. Prior to my departure, my sweet job Thursday night was keeping my little Emerson King! What fun that was!
These fotos are actually from Friday morning...with his new little basketball suit on...while his mama was getting ready to go see her friend, Kristy. I dressed him...and took him outside to run around.

He practiced stepping over the water hose, oh, about 38 times... Biscuit told him she was proud of him..
He trotted around outside...and I snapped away, all the while thinking how adorable he much I love this little guy!What a sweet job it is to keep you, Emerson!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Signs of summer

It's another beautiful day here on the north coast. I'm going golfing…2 p.m. tee time! But first, I went outside to take some photos of flowers…and another sign of summer. Granted, summer here just means it's June, July, and August. There's not a lot of difference in the temperature.

Aren't these beautiful? They're in a pot on the patio…the patio where I like to sit and drink a cup of coffee… Red roses…we (I use the word "we" rather loosely…since my gardening is about nil) haven't had great luck with roses, but right now, there's probably at least half a dozen in bloom! Blueberries…this is a sure sign that July is close. We have a bunch of blueberry plants…usually we harvest 6-7 gallons. Aren't they pretty with all the different shades?
This is a new flower my guy planted this year. It's HUGE…and has just opened it's first bloom. It's some sort of a poppy, I think.
This is another kind of poppy, I think it's called an Icelandic poppy…another new one this year. I have a picture that belonged to Mimi of Icelandic poppies!

Last, but not least, is sun tea…brewing on the patio as I write…it'll be perfect to sip on when I get back from golfing!

Definitely the signs of summer are here!

Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm getting ready for my annual summer People to People adventure. This year, I'm taking 30 high school students to England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland for 3 weeks! We fly out Friday!

Loving to blog doesn't end with the Johnston Chronicles…nope, I blog the People to People adventures, too. I've always been at the mercy of having computers at hotels…until this year. I heard about netbooks…wasn't too sure what they were…so I looked into it. Then a friend emailed me to say she had a netbook…and would I like to borrow it. I declined, not liking to borrow something like that, but then became more intrigued. I heard a negative comment about them…being too slow…but I asked around more and heard more favorable responses…

Enter Costco… with their 90 day return policy. So here I am, with my new ACER Netbook, checking out how to blog through it…doing it a little different way than I normally do. I'm going to install SKYPE on here too…and that will have me set. All I'll need is Wi-Fi, which when I looked at the hotels online, I think most, if not everyone of them had.

I'll let you know how I like – or dislike – a netbook!

By the way, here's a link to the blog:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sami visits the Pacific Ocean

Sami came to visit this summer...first time in 14 years! I had no idea it had been that long since she'd been here.

I guess I should feel bad...that we aren't loved up here in northern California...we're only good for a visit every 14 years or so??? (just kidding)
We drove north and went to the little town of Trinidad. It's about as picturesque as they come... The Trinidad Lighthouse overlooks Trinidad Bay...and it's beautiful!
Sami leaped out of the car in the beautiful drizzle...
She checked out the bay and all the boats...
We headed down to the beach...Sami was unsure about walking the beach because, well, it wasn't your typical beach weather...
It was probably about 50 -55 degrees...and a bit damp... had actually been raining, but the droplets lightened up and I called it a drizzle... My mom, who was resting warm and comfortably in the car, called it rain.
"Come on, Sami," I told her. A little drizzle never hurt anyone. Sami bundled up and we headed down on the beach.
Sami was curious about the sand. (Actually, she was looking for shells...)
While she looked, I took a little stroll over by that huge rock...I was looking to see if the tide was low enough to see any sea stars, sea anemones, etc...but no luck, the tide was too high... Sami kept checking out the sand...
She thought about going for a swim, but I outlawed it. (I use the word "outlaw" because of the post previous to this one...)
"Sami! Don't go in that water!!! It's cold..." I screamed. (Not really)
Oh geez...she was tempting fate...
"Aunt Judy! My feet got wet!"

I ignored her...
Sami just rolled up her pants legs and got away from the water. She decided to leave her mark on the beach.

I didn't have the heart to tell her that no one would probably see her mark...
because the tide was coming in...and it would cover it up...erase it...
So I took photographs of her marks...her name carved in the the sand on a beach in northern the picturesque little haven of Trinidad...
It was fun, Sami!

Hopefully you'll come back before another 14 years has passed!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Inlaws and Outlaws.... and Happy Birthday to Donnie!

My guy and my sweet sister in law, Becky, termed themselves "Outlaws" ...hopefully as a joke. I'm not sure how it came about, but I think it's pretty witty...

Their common denominator? Becky's married to my brother...and, of course, my guy is married to me!

"Outlaws," I would guess, would be Inlaws that didn't get along??? That's not the case with us...and I'm SO thankful for that! Now that our own kids are grown and married... they have Inlaws... but then again, I now have a son-in-law...and two daughter-in-laws... that I absolutely adore!Donnie was our first and only son-in-law...Emily was our first daughter-in-law...Erica was our 2nd daughter-in-law...

I've always gotten along ... dearly loved... my inlaws. My guy always has gotten along so well with my side of the family - his inlaws... I never took these relationships for granted, but as my kids started getting married, I realized that they might just assume Inlaws always got along great and never became "Outlaws"... so I would talk to them... and tell them to nurture those relationships, to work at them... that they couldn't just take for granted that everyone would get along as great as my family and my guys family did...

So now our family is growing...which makes me think of all these things even more... plus, one of my in-laws, my only son-in-law, just had his birthday....on Tuesday...That's what made me think about writing this post...because I was thinking about Donnie...about how I knew the first time I met him that he was the kind of guy I'd love for Lindsey to marry, how he just fit in with our family from the very beginning, about how he loves my baby girl, about how thrilled he was when Lindsey was pregnant with their little man, about how he's just had his 2nd birthday as a father...a Daddy to our little man, much we love having him in our family!So....Happy Birthday, Donnie!

from one of your inlaws...hopefully not an outlaw!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

We've come a long way

My buddy, Bob, the sender of some great emails...sent me these old ads a couple of days ago. Oh my! I can't remember the dates ... but I remember a lot of these. Can you even believe how times have changed!
I remember when it was said that smoking was good for you! How could anyone have ever thought that?Coke to babies? Oh my...

Look at this caption! "Blow in her face..."
What did women think? I don't remember this, but I can't believe I would ever have thought this was a positive statement about women.
Even Santa Claus used to smoke!

As I said in the title of this (my 508th post here on the JohnstonChronicles)... We've come a long way!