Saturday, April 23, 2016

Easter, 2016

 Lindsey, Donnie, and the boys came up for Easter.
I was so happy!!!
In school, one of my students, Bryon, brought these bunny ears for each student.  There were a few left over so he gave me 2 'for your grandsons.'  
 Starting to clean out my classroom, I brought home books of all kinds to see if Lindsey wanted any.  Benjamin loved the maze book and William wanted to color.
 I think Lindsey was getting ready to color, too!
 I bought a new game called "Ticket to Ride."  Gabe and Emily had told me about it and we played it at their house one night.  They have the United States version, but I bought the European version. 
Come to find out, Lindsey and family have that one, too.   She and Benjamin played a game or two!

 William, on the other hand, was busy with his drawings and writing. 

Saturday afternoon, we dyed Easter eggs!
We had 18, but one cracked.

 Linz was showing Benjamin what happened if you wrote on the egg with crayon before dying it.
He already knew.

 I thought I had baskets, but I couldn't find them.
I made them Easter bags instead.
We had filled them with all kinds of treats.

 17 eggs were hidden...

 17 eggs were found!
 As you can see, William lined all his up...

 The antics began!

This is their new car!  A RAV4....
the boys love it!
So where were Ron and Donnie?
Projects...the sink has been leaking a little when we run the dishwasher,
so that was a project.

I LOVED having them here!
It was a wonderful Easter weekend!