Saturday, March 30, 2013

Second time around for 3 of the 4 photos

I realize that when I don't see my family, there is a lull from posts on the Johnston Chronicles.  I was sitting here this morning, drinking my coffee, in front of the fire (yes, fire), and was looking back at some of my pictures from February.  This one of the boys - Benjamin and Emerson - is one of my favorites.  I have a few pics of them from the back, and am not really sure why I love them so much...but I do.  I love these being with them being together...pray they will always be close buddies.  
This sweetheart of sweethearts, Thalia, is not a picture I took, but one I stole off her Facebook page.  I don't get to see her very often.  :(  I'm hoping they can come up to visit before moving overseas.  We don't know yet where they'll move, but they'll be out of the country for 3 years... I'm hoping to go wherever they are after I get back from Europe (maybe I'll turn around and go back to Europe?), and then we'll go again at Christmas.  Moving out of the country, I am praying, will be a great experience for all of them.   I love this child (she doesn't look like a 'child', does she?), love her convictions, love the way she loves her mama and dad, love her talents and how she uses them...I love her!

I can't believe I'm posting this pic of me, but I love it - not of me, but of what it is of...being with my little men, snuggling in  bed with them.  They are just so precious...Have I mentioned that I love being 'Mimi'?  
William!  Our newest little man...who I can hardly believe has passed the 1 year old birthday!  He is so precious...and what a little personality!  What a love he is!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Working on a puzzle...and a game on the iPhone

 If you're a regular reader of the Johnston Chronicles, you may recall that I've talked about Emerson's puzzle-abilities.  He's an amazing puzzle working little guy!
 He informed me that he had to make the frame first.

I asked him if I could help him by pulling the frame pieces out of the box...

He said, "OK."  I couldn't put those pieces together, that was his job.

Emerson has certain "rules."  
 Such concentration....
 What you can't his singing.  After the frame had been worked, he started to sing...just a low, sweet song.  I wish, wish, wish, I could remember the was just so sweet.  He told me, "I sing it with my dad."
I wish I had timed see how long it took him to put it together.  It wasn't very long..maybe 25-30 minutes.  He also talked pretty seriously while he worked his puzzle. 
 He was definitely in a more serious, somber mood.  He did get sick during the night with a temperature...which may have had something to do with his somber mood... but oh, so sweet he is!
 You may just happen to notice that this puzzle box says the puzzle is for ages 6+... and you may not know that Emerson is 3 1/2 years old!  He'll actually be 4 years old on May 13! 
Here's the finished puzzle... 100% completed by Emerson!  
After the puzzle, he wanted to play a game on my iPhone.  He and Benjamin had both played this one before...I'm amazed at how well these little guys can figure these things out!  It's like they're wired for understanding technology!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Playing baseball

 February 23rd, before celebrating William's birthday, the boys played a little baseball. 
 Gabe was talking to Emerson about the position of his feet..."Step with your foot, Eme.."
 I'm sure this picture caught him in the midst of a blink...not closing his eyes...
 These Tee's were given to the boys by their Aunt Patti...gee, a couple of years ago?  They've definitely been well used!
 Way to go, Benjamin!
 Emerson's got his eye on the ball...ready to swing!
 Hold that bat with both hands, Benjamin...
 Way to hit it, Emerson!
 Now THIS looks like he means business!
The boys had their audience...and I do believe little William was a bit jealous that he couldn't get out there and hit the baseball, too.  It won't be very long before he'll be joining the big boys!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

February 22nd at the park

 After being at the park on February 21st, the boys were ready to return the next day.  This time, they rode their bikes from the house...

This was their favorite slide...they thought it was a lot of fun to SCREAM inside as you were coming through!
 Lindsey took some time to read her book...aren't the scooters adorable with their helmets hooked on?
 The boys would wait for each other at the end...looking up to see if the other was coming...then off they'd go for another slide down!

 "LET'S GO!" they'd yell to each other.
It was a fun day...but this is also when I realized Benjamin was getting sick...ended up with a temperature of 101 with his mouth no telling what it was.  It only lasted a day...and Emerson and William didn't catch whatever it was...Yeah!

Friday, March 15, 2013

He loves music!

 Lindsey had told me how William loves to dance...
He loves this keyboard...crawling over, pulling himself up so he can play it...

but when the music started across the room....
he made a bee-line to get to it.
I think he thinks he needs to dance where the music is...
so off he went, crawling to the CD player...
so he could dance to the music!
Go, William!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

William's book

Turn your favorite photos into a photo book at

I made Benjamin and Emerson both a book for their 3rd birthday last May.  It was photos from their 2nd year.  After doing this one for William, my next two projects will be going back to make one for their first years!  

Friday, March 08, 2013

The boys and their scooters

 I love these little men!  I love it when I have them together...
 On Thursday (February 21), Gabe was heading down in the area to do some work, so he brought Emerson to Lindsey's.  My guy was originally going to pick him up on his way down...but since Gabe was coming down...he brought him earlier in the day!  Gabe had to say hi to his smallest nephew...
 The two big boys then started to map out their time...what to do?
 Gabe had brought Emerson's that was what the boys decided to do.  Helmets went on...these helmets were given to both the boys at Christmas by Uncle Gabe/Daddy!

 Lindsey's backyard has a curving sidewalk that's perfect for little men and their scooters!

 This is the day before Benjamin got hindsight, I can see it coming in his eyes... (He was only sick for 1 day...but had a high temperature:((  )
 Emerson saw this little 'motorcycle' that someone had given Benjamin.  He thought he'd try it out.
 I LOVE this picture! 

 They had so much fun riding!

Emerson was definitely a bit more experienced rider...Benjamin hasn't been riding his as much, because he rides his Skuut...the balance bike.  He definitely got a bit more practice with his cousin, Emerson!

This Mimi loved watching them!