Monday, November 30, 2015

Lady Bird Johnson Grove

 Lady Bird Johnson Grove is a gorgeous stand of redwoods.  There is a 1 1/4 mile walk which loops around the grove.  This redwood bridge is the entrance to the trail.

Lindsey and Donnie
The kids had a blast, running, and running, and running through brned out trees and down the trails.
 We tried to round them up ever so often to grab a photo.

 I was ready to take a pic of Addison and Soo...and Benjamin wanted to be in it with them!

 These trees are so majestic!
 William was wanting to ride for a little bit...


 This is a take a picture around this tree...everyone holding hands with our arms outstretched.  You really get a sense of how large these trees are!  The holding hands part didn't quite work with this group on this day, but...oh well!

 Lindsey and Soo

 The guys!
Gabe,Emily, and Walt weren't with us.
It was a bit too cold for Walt!

 Donnie did this first.  (this is Ron)
I reminded Donnie that the first time we brought him here, he scaled the trees like this.

 So my guy wanted to show how he could also do it!

 Here's Donnie.  he got a bit higher than his father-in-law!
 I don't have a picture of it, but Remy was trying to put his foot up on one of the trees JUST LIKE Donnie and Ron had done.  We had to break the news to him, that he was a bit too small to scale the trees!
 Addison and Soo

 I absolutely LOVE these pictures of the boys on the stump.
 William is quite the comedian!

This was just so much fun...running through the redwoods with 4 little men! 
I know they had a blast, too!