Friday, October 20, 2017 and smoothies!

 Walt LOVES to be outside!
He also LOVES cars and trucks!
His Mimi LOVES for him to be here!
 We did this before...setting up a ramp for Walt to race his cars down...
 WHich was great UNTIL he heard a helicopter!
 I loved how he covered his eyes to look up and watch the helicopter!

 Baxter was thrilled to have his 'cousins' here to play!
 As is the norm, he wanted to play  ball...
 Fetching the ball and tugging the all are of equal importance to Baxter!

 Walt and Emerson both LOVE smoothies!

 Plus, Walt LOVES the camera...and LOVES to look at the picture as soon as it's snapped!
My Walter!
Your Mimi LOVES YOU!!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

18 on the 18th!

Happy birthday, Thalia!
 Happy 18th birthday, Thalia!
 You were just a little 'rug rat', according to your dad!
You've always loved animals....
I hope you know how proud we are of you!
We have always been proud of you...and supportive of you,
but nobody can compare with your dad and his love and support for you!
I know this graduation day was important and special to you,
but I would bet it was equal in importance and specialness (is that a word?) to your dad!

 You're our only granddaughter...
and so special to us!
Look at how you've changed....
but in some ways, you haven't changed at all!

Thalia, I love you....
Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Baxter's 2nd wood cutting adventure

 Sunday afternoon, we took off to go get another load of firewood.
Look what we saw!
We stopped for me to take a few pictures, but there was a lady in a golf cart telling everyone NOT to stop.  She said some people had been charged...breeding season is here!  (the rut) 

 Baxter was going crazy!
 We went further north...
Ron needed to go by another company's shop to pick up some mail left for him.

 ooops!  We saw another herd of elk and that's when my guy said this was where we had to stop!
He parked the truck between this mailbox and the elk.
 I'm not sure what Baxter would have done if we had let him loose.  He may be fierce, but I don't think he's any match for an elk!  He may not realize that, however!
 We turned off to head up into the forest.
 Isn't this pretty?
 Baxter loves to hang his head out the window.

It was definitely a cooler day...fall is in the air.  That says 57 degrees at 1:12 p.m.
 Baxter just LOVES the woods...running around...finding sticks to chew on and also to fetch.
 Of course, we were here to get a load of firewood.  
I loaded the wood into the truck...Ron was the only one to actually cut it.

 Ron and I are both amazed with how Baxter uses his paws.

We had run...and run...and run...
and I think Baxter was a bit tired!
 the truck was loaded...
 I wanted a picture of Ron and Baxter...

We told Baxter it was time to go...

Ron took off his shoes back on...

What a great day!