Saturday, December 30, 2017

January 1, 2007 Flashback

Wow!  Look what I just found!  
Mom's old house...Biscuit's dog food dish on the ground...and the "Johnston Weight Loss Challenge" began.  I'm not sure whatever happened with that challenge.  I assume it fizzled.  

I've always loved this picture!  

Should we restart the challenge?

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Judy and Baxter in San Francisco

Ron, Baxter, and I had been at Lindsey's when we took Joshua to the airport.
On the way home, we went through San Francisco.
 This's just so beautiful!
I told Joshua we needed to spend a day there when he comes back.
We thought Baxter might need to use the bathroom so we pulled over at a scenic overlook area on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge.
As I walked Baxter, I don't know how many people stopped to tell me how adorable Baxter was.
I know...I absolutely think the same thing.
I asked Ron to take a picture of Baxter and I with the bridge in the background.
Well, Baxter didn't mean to, but his paw hit my sunglasses and here, you can see them coming off.

Having a puppy...can be a pain...
but oh, we love this little guy SO MUCH!
 Baxter is SO attached to us...
and that can drive us crazy...
but not too much,
because we just love him so much.
(Did I already say that?)
He's our baby...
 The light..
oh my...the light that day was so perfect.
 Look at this city...this skyline!
 San Francisco..
the city by the bay...
It's a magical place!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hanging out with the Stewart crew

Benjamin is a lawn mower!
 This is one of his chores.
 I asked him if he liked mowing the lawn.
He said he did.
So I told him how his Saddie LOVED to mow lawns.

 Back inside, Sullivan was pulling his teddy bear over his head.
 This little teddy has been with him since he was in the NICU.
 After finishing the yard, Benjamin went to work on his story.
He's entering the Young Writer's Contest...
His teachers encouraged him to enter...and I LOVED his story!
He's not finished...but he's got the story in his head. 
I think he had close to 600 words...and the max is 1500.
Sullivan sacked out...
and I just loved the way he was laying!

Poor William was feeling a bit under the weather...
He was just resting.

Love these boys!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Getting outside for a little exercise!

 It was a beautiful day...
 so off we went to walk around the lake that's close to Lindsey and Donnie's house.
 I think it's about 2 miles around the lake...
 Baxter was excited...
actually he was a bit TOO excited...
 Well, he was just fine here with Joshua...
 Lindsey, Sullivan, and Papa took off...
 and Joshua and Baxter took off on a run...

 Joshua rejoined his sister...
I think Ron had Baxter...
 THIS was magical!
This man was just sitting here...
and look at his company!
 Baxter was going C-R-A-Z-Y with the geese/ducks...
he kept wanting to go after them...
 I gave him to Ron!
It's a bit difficult to take a picture when a black hairy creature is tugging on your arm!

 I left the lake a little earlier to go pick up the boys...
After homework, this is what they love to do...
video games!

I was loving listening to Donnie and Joshua talking.

This was after our dinner of Thai food...
Delicious Thai food...

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Joshua with Baxter and meeting Sullivan

I just love having him around!  Because he has lived so far from us, I don't see him as much.
Baxter is sure loving having him around.
 I told Joshua he needed a dog whenever he settles into a place.
 We headed down to Lindsey's.
Joshua got to see 3 more of his nephews...
one of which, Sullivan, was his first time to meet.

 Joshua was Lindsey's protector when she was younger..
I'm sure he would still fill that role today if he was closer.

We'll see what happens to Joshua with this next phase of his life.
Where will he be?  What will his job be?
Joshua wants to still work...he's applying...and one of the jobs is one I am hoping for...
and it's in Colorado!

That's enough for now!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Joshua and Baxter

My retired son is in limbo.
He sold his home in southern he also lost Blu, his incredible lab.
Blu went to a new home that has 3 kids...and Blu lives inside the house...
he's in a great place.
But I believe Joshua is really missing him...missing having a dog.
He did great with Baxter..
and Baxter loves Joshua.

Joshua did training with him...and Baxter did exactly what Joshua asked!
I laugh at this picture...because Baxter looks like a mess...
I did give him a little haircut after this.
I love love love this picture...
but not as much as I love my retired son...and also this black hairy creature!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

My Boys...and Walt in the crate...and Emerson hanging out

 Saturday about noon, Gabe had to leave.  He and Emily had a big party to go to that night...
and he left Emerson and Walt here!
Now, finally, here is often known as UJ. (Uncle Josh)
 He was not very receptive at first to me taking a picture of he and his brother.
Gabe helped me out.
 I love having them together...
only thing better is having all 3 of my kids together.
Lindsey was thinking about coming...but they were here a week ago...and that's a LONG drive, especially to do it two weekends in a row.
 Walt wasn't too upset when his dad left...
 Nope, not at all.
He just went back to playing...
and playing in Baxter's crate!

 Emerson was hanging out on the couch...

and my NEWLY RETIRED son was working on his resume and a job application.

Retired?  It seems strange to think I have a son that's old enough to be retired.
But...20 years with the U.S. Marines...
I'm so incredibly proud of him.