Wednesday, December 13, 2017

 The next morning, Walt was up and ready to eat early with his Papa.
 This morning, he was having peanut butter and bananas...
and orange juice is HIS cup.
 Good morning, Walter!

 Emerson isn't an early morning eater...
he was all comfy snuggled on the couch.
 Baxter was looking for someone to play with him.
Looks like Baxter's playmate was not going to be Walt!
 Emerson ignored Baxter's plea for play...
 When we went to put the lights on the tree, 3 of the strands didn't work.  So..I bought 2 more of what I thought were the same.  Well, I was wrong.  The new lights are SO WHITE...they're bright, but I really like the older ones best.  

Can you see that picture of Emerson in the center?  It was made at school, I imagine, and it's 3 tongue depressers in a triangle with his picture in the center.  
I LOVE things like this!!!
Most of the tree was not decorated yet.
 Walt was ready for some more orange juice.
 A little later in the day, James came to visit.
He and Emerson are great buddies which is so sweet knowing their dads have been such good friends for so many years.  James is a year older than Emerson.
 They're buddies!
 Papa was loving having Walt, Emerson, and Gabe here.
Where is Joshua?

 So sweet!!!
 Papa was being funny...
I love how Walt plays on this!  
When I was young, my Mimi had a green round ottoman.  I loved that thing.  I loved turning it on its side and rolling around on it.

December 2nd...and where is Joshua?

Monday, December 11, 2017

"Eat!" says Walt many times a day.

He came with his brother and dad while Uncle Joshua was here.
 I wish I had counted how many times he said "Eat" a day.
 He must be on a growing spurt.

I think these are so adorable...well, HE'S adorable, but I captured it in these shots.

 Of course, all that eating is making him STRONG!
Just like his brother, Emerson.
Show us your muscles, Walt.
Emerson, the wonderful big brother, was checking his little brother's muscles.
Walt is forever looking at Emerson to see what he's doing...and then he tries to copy him.

Two muscle men!

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

A day at the marsh

 It was a beautiful day at the marsh...
 Baxter was definitely enjoying the day...being outside, but especially being with Benjamin and William!

 When we left to go here, I told Linz it would be a great day to take some pictures for our Christmas cards...

 I loved, loved, loved watching these two boys!
They had a BLAST! 
They were running along the trails...sometimes with, sometimes without Baxter.

 I love this picture!!!

 from the bridge...
 so sweet..............

 We kept trying to get Baxter to look at the camera...
but he wasn't cooperating!

 I about croaked when they handed Sullivan to the boys...
"BOYS, be careful!!!" their Mimi said!

 I just love these with William down closer to the tracks!

 Sullivan wasn't in these, but I just love them. 

 Another one of my favorites!!!
 or maybe this one is my favorite???
A great day...and a great photo-taking day!