Saturday, February 27, 2010

One, two, three, four steps for Emerson!

How sweet is this?

Gabe sent it to me a few days ago...

Emerson started crawling last time we were visiting...on January 30th. This Mimi has been grieving about not seeing him crawl around...

two more weeks before I'm down there...seeing my boys!

Then today...Gabe sent me this:

Oh my gosh! I bet I've watched it 20 times already! He's getting ready to walk! How can that be?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thalia's new job

Yep, my sweet granddaughter, Thalia, has a job....It's not mastering the game of she can beat her Mimi...her Mimi that used to be great at the nineseys....and all the way up to the twelvesesys (I have no idea how to spell these!)

It was given to her by her baby boy, Joshua...

Mowing the lawn...that's her new job. It looks like Joshua is being a great supervisor...showing her the finer points of lawn mowing...

Her Saddie is probably very proud of her great-granddaughter!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Before and After...better than HGTV

After some...well, some detours, Joshua, Erica, and Thalia finally got moved into their new house. Now, they've been busy working on it, making it into their home. This is the kitchen...and it's the photo I took back in December. It didn't need any work...well, except they bought a new refrigerator and stove.This was Joshua and Erica's room before they painted. Starting to paint....Completed! Now, I have no earthly idea why this photo is so small. But you can still see the difference. I love the color!!!This room...well, I'm not sure why anyone would paint that color red...and then paint crown molding BLACK??? Originally, I think this was going to be a guest room...but it ended up being Thalia's...not these colors, of course!That red and black took a lot of primer... a LOT OF PRIMER!I love this color...seems similar to Joshua and Erica's room. The red is the closet...obviously, not painted yet. The crown molding looks like it needed more primer...What a difference! Joshua put in new wooden blinds once the painting was complete...Here is one wall in Thalia's new room......and here's a different view...and still a different view!

Thalia, this is beautiful!
Here's the pink room... This picture was taken in December...and it was originally going to be Thalia's room.

It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind!The pink room with some primer...More primer and a sunset thrown in for good measure...The pink room becoming the green room...Wow! I love the green room! Great choice of colors!!!There was another red room..only this one had white crown molding...not black. This also need a lot of primer...Erica's uncle was there to lend a hand with painting the red room...Ahh...the red room transformed into a calm, peaceful, guest room. I can't wait to sleep there!The entry way is is my baby boy up there painting away...He definitely took time to tell his sweet wife how much he loved her:)Here's the entry way painted....with the old light...and the entry with the new light...and the ladder that Joshua has been using...Ahh... the entry with the new light. I love that fixture!
There are two sliding glass doors that Joshua wanted/needed to replace. He had called to talk to his Pops about the prices he had been quoted to buy the doors and to have them installed. My guy, who thinks Joshua can do anything, told him just that...told him not to pay someone else, that HE could install them himself. I'm not sure how confident Joshua was at first...but he did...and they look great!
Ahh, and out those sliding glass doors is this backyard. I see their patio set out there. Won't that be wonderful, sitting out there eating Josh-burgers cooked on the grill and having a glass of ice tea in the warm weather?

I know you have more work to do...but everything you've done looks superb!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My baby girl... turns 29!

Twenty-nine years ago today, we were blessed with a precious little daughter... Lindsey Nicole! I had hoped...hoped for a little girl...but truly only prayed for a healthy baby.

Contractions were happening during the morning...but I kept wondering if they were the real thing. I called my midwife, Candi, during her lunch hour and told her I thought I was in labor. She was asking me about my contractions...and I remember telling her that some of them didn't count. I have no idea why I remember that...but it stands out to me! She told me they ALL counted. I don't remember who drove me in... but I do remember it taking awhile to get ahold of my guy...he was out in the woods... but by the time he got there, it was about time! By the time I layed down for Candi to check me, well, Lindsey didn't wait long before she made her appearance...

I remember crying...and have a healthy baby girl. The boys came soon after to see their baby sister...

What a precious one she has always been... so sweet...

such an easy baby...
When Lindsey was 3 months old, we took off to Texas to visit. My guy stayed behind to work.
Mimi, Lindsey, Joshua
Saddie and Linz
John David and Linz
Lindsey cut her first teeth at 4 months old. Here she is with a zwieback cracker.
Grandpa, Lindsey, Joshua
Ron with Lindsey the day before we left for our Texas visit.
Aunt Jane and Lindsey

Lindsey and Gabe
Gabe, Linz, Joshua

Lindsey in her walker...

In April, 1981, we had Lindsey christened at the Nazarene Church where we worshipped.
The day of her christening, was also the day we celebrated our pastor's ordination.
Edgar and Glenna stood up with us and became Lindsey's Godparents. Alvin, was our pastor.
Grammy and Linz
Brenda, Grammy, and Linz
Stroller were not what they are today! This was Lindsey's 'umbrella' stroller...I think it cost $19.99!
Uncle Charlie holding a sleeping Linz
Lindsey and Decatur, Texas

While we were in Texas, my guy decided to work a lot more hours...with disastrous results. While driving in the mountains, he dozed off, woke up, overcorrected, and tumbled about 100 feet down the side of a mountain. Fortunately, he was NOT wearing a seatbelt. He was thrown into the back of a blazer, which saved his life since the blazer was flattened. However, there was a hydraulic jack loose in the blazer which flew up and landed on him. With an amazing will to live, he climbed to the top of the mountain where a logger picked him up and got him to a hospital.

I got the call in the middle of the night... the call that said they "thought he would live"...that his back was broken, that his hip was broken, that his face was disfigured...

To make a long story short, we got a flight out of Dallas to SFO, where I had friends who happened to be in the city to pick us up and drive us home. Our pastor then drove Lindsey and I up to Yreka where he was hospitalized. I didn't even recognize him at first.... His back and hips were not broken, but his face was broken...requiring many stitches, and wiring of his mouth and eye sockets. Lindsey and I stayed with him while the boys stayed with friends at home.

This profile of Lindsey looks JUST like Benjamin to me!

What a horrible time this was...seeing my guy so helpless... Having Lindsey there was an incredible bright and uplifting time for him.
In time, after several surgeries, he healed. He was still Daddy to Lindsey!

For a while, Lindsey wanted to twirl. In this photo above, she is the fourth from the right. Her friend, Tammy, who has the number on her leg, was part of her motivation.
This was a parade they were entered in. Tammy is second from left and Lindsey is third from the left. When visiting Texas, Lindsey loved to play in Grammy's lotions and make up.
Grandpa was a great sport...Doesn't he look excited to have all the dolls in his lap?
Lindsey and her Uncle John
Grammy and Lindsey

Hanging out with Saddie back in California
On the farm with Brenda, Joshua, Linz (driving the tractor) and Lissette
Lissette, Lindsey, and Brenda
Gabe and Lindsey dying Easter Eggs...I absolutely love this picture!
This was at Uncle John and Aunt Becky's wedding
Loved by her big brothers!
Gabe, Linz, and Joshua
Lindsey always could entertain herself. Playing some music and coloring...a happy little girl!
Uncle Larry, Aunt Sandra, Brenda and Lissette came to California one time. We went hiking up in the woods. Lindsey and Brenda Lissette and Lindsey, buried at the beachLissette and Lindsey
In an apartment where Uncle John and Aunt Becky lived, Aunt Jane and Aunt Becky taught Lindsey how to swim.

Lindsey loved everything 'school'. So when her brothers were going to school, she was ready to go to preschool...or even just to have her own lunch box.

Spot lived across the street, and Lindsey LOVED this dog. When Spot had puppies...oh my!

Uncle Larry, Lissette, and Lindsey at the farm
I think it was for Joshua's 8th birthday, we headed to Disneyland. What a wonderful time we had!

Looks like we picked up a hitchhiker. The little guy in front, I have no idea who that is.
On one of Saddie's visits to California...I do believe this is the trip when Saddie, the boys and I drove out...and Lindsey flew home with my guy. The boys....had chicken pox!
Back at Disneyland...well, the hotel at Disneyland!
At Universal Studios...Lifting up the A-team van!
Gabe, Aunt Terry, Joshua, and Mimi's house
Lindsey with her Cabbage Patch Saddie's

With Uncle Buddy...and her Cabbage Patch Mimi's
Lindsey always enjoyed being read to. Here, Saddie is reading a book to her.

Saddie and Lindsey
Lindsey and that Battleship?
Back in California, Lindsey was ready to learn to ride a bike. This was a hand-me-down bike from Joshua and Gabrial...but with the pink basket, it was all Lindsey's!
Julie was one of Lindsey's good friends. Here they are with...Cabbage Patch Kids...both belonging to Lindsey!

Lindsey had a Barbie...but she was never as wild about it as she was her Cabbage Patch Kids, My Buddy, and... can't remember the name of the other big doll she had. These, she loved...along with E.T.
Lindsey and JulieLindsey has always loved hats...I think this hat is actually one I had gotten for Christmas.Being the only sister, the baby sister with two older brothers, Lindsey endured her fair share of torture...Gabe was mostly the torturer...Joshua was mostly the protector...although Gabe was protective of his little sister, too.Joshua and LindseyGabe, Saddie, Lindsey

As Lindsey grew up, graduated, and headed to college, she gained a new Best Friend... Donnie!

Our family was growing...Donnie and Emily had joined the Johnston clan!

Lindsey Nicole and Lindsey Nicole...they met in high school...played soccer together...became great friends..roomed in college together...both got married...both have a child...and are still great friends!

Lindsey and Sami visiting Saddie in the hospital after having a knee replacement.

Joshua had come to visit...Lindsey was here visiting we took a journey to a park on the coast.

Lindsey loves to play be active...I'm not sure what she was doing here...just jumping?
On a visit to Joshua, Erica, and Thalia's one Thanksgiving (think it was 2007?), we went skeet shooting (I think that's what it's called.) Quite a marksman!
Strong women!

On one visit home, we had a croquet match in the backyard. Lindsey is competitive in whatever game she, she just has fun!

I think her brother, Gabe, was trying to say he won!
At Uncle John's, we had a 'washers' tournament. Lindsey, naturally, was the winner...she and Donnie were a team... Here, they're posing with the winning washer!
Now, Lindsey is a mom... her most cherished role.
Donnie, Lindsey, and Benjamin...

Lindsey is spending her 29th birthday in Montana...visiting with Donnie's family. I miss seeing her, but am so thankful that God has blessed her with the family that she has...has blessed her in more ways than we can count...

Happy Birthday, Lindsey!
I love you so incredibly much!