Saturday, September 28, 2013

Emerson in 4th Grade!

Friday was a fun day in my classroom!  The kids were excited...really excited...because I told them Emerson was coming to visit!
He came about 11:30.  At first, he was a bit shy...and then his dad (Gabe) went back to the car to get his Monster Truck.  Some of the kids were impressed...and that opened up Emerson!
Around noon, it was time for my class to line up to wash their hands for lunch.  Emerson lined up with them.
I had told him his buddy, James, would be at he was excited to hopefully see him.  I saw James, we walked a little past him, and James did a double take, blinked his eyes and said, "Ok, am I dreaming?"  Then he and Emerson hugged...
I told Emerson we'd go out to the kindergarten playground after he ate...
Off we went to the kindergarten side...
They sat and talked...about reading, about playing chase, about their shirts... and then James suggested they go over into the field and play chase...which they did.
When recess was over, James invited Emerson to come into his classroom.  Since I know his teacher, I figured it would be ok since I would be in there too.  Emerson lined up with the class...I introduced him to the teacher and in we went.

They sat on the rug together for show and tell..and then it was time for the 4th graders to come back in...
 I let my students sit with a buddy on Friday afternoons and they can read non-chapter books together.  Emerson had an army of 4th graders asking him to sit with them...and I relented on letting more students sit together... He read to them awhile, then one of my students came and told me Emerson wanted to play checkers.

I let them and they sat outside for a good half hour and played...

 After awhile, it was time to move into science.  We just started an experiment on fava beans.  We had planted them the day before, and this day we were writing up the experiment in the scientific process. 
 Emerson sat at a desk and was very attentive.   I told the kids to write their name on their paper...Emerson wrote his. 
 They wrote the purpose and their hypothesis, and Emerson said he'd rather draw.  I said ok.  He drew Gravedigger, a monster truck...and wrote GAVEDIGGR!!!  On his second piece of paper, he drew part of a monster truck and wrote GRVEDIGGR....
 After it was all said and done, he had also written SEED, dirt, DEEP, and Pot. 

He was focused...and very busy...and didn't notice at first that it was 2:20 and his dad had come back to pick him up.  He grabbed his students were asking him if he wanted to stay...(he wanted to go play with James) and this was all followed by a lot of good-byes!

Emerson left with his dad to go hang out with James and his dad...and my students just wanted to know if he would be back on Monday!

What fun it was!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013

My hunters!

Gabe and my guy took off today for their first hunt together in YEARS!  Don't they look ... rugged?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Stance, Concentration, Swing & Ping, and a switch hitter

 It was a game of baseball between Emerson Buster Posey and Mimi, a definite rookie...
 I told Emerson to keep his eye on the ball, which he did...but the pitching left a lot to be desired. 
 What a gentleman Buster is, however.  I would tell him, "Oh I'm sorry.  That was a terrible pitch." and Buster would reply, "That's OK Mimi, it was good."
 I'm not sure how many homeruns he made.  Thankfully, his Aunt Lindsey was there to document this match-up.
 Then Gabe got home and rested from his successful fishing excursion...and Buster was ready to play some more baseball.  This time, Mimi was behind the camera...
 I really am amazed at how well he does! 

These videos...when I wasn't recording, I was in the kitchen and all I could hear was 'ping, ping, ping, ping' he kept hitting the ball!

 Look at how he has his eye on the ball!  Look at how his mouth and jaw are set!
And to add to his 4 year old skill...he's a switch hitter!

Wow, Emerson King!  I would say you are definitely a natural!  Kind of like your daddy!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Our Sunday trip to the park

 Buster  Emerson decided to carry his monster trucks to the park in his NEW Buster Posey lunch  box!
 William was ready to join us on our trip to the park...
 He had his little yellow tractor...

 The big boys played around awhile....climbing on some of the equipment...just hanging out...

 Then they started running their cars/monster trucks along this top part of the little wall that surrounds the play area...

 They had to talk about their results...

 Now it was Emerson's turn!  He raced his monster trucks...

We stayed at the park for over 3 hours...actually a little over 3.5 hours!  A lot of the time, I was talking to an old student of I didn't get a lot of photos in that time.

We had taken some food...a picnic... but they were getting a bit we went home and played baseball!