Tuesday, April 29, 2014


 This last Saturday, I got to watch Emerson in one of his T-ball games.  What fun!!!
He was the first of his team there...so he and his dad played some catch!

 Look at this throw!  He looks like a mini-professional!

 Does Emerson look like he's having fun or what?

 Now, in T-ball, each team hits twice and is in the field twice.  The first time in the field, Emerson was playing close to 3rd base.

 It didn't matter where the ball landed...most of the players went to see how they could help!

This photo (above), was making me laugh.  The assistant coach kept reminding some of the players to 'stand up' and/or to 'face the batter.'  Some of the players were very interested in the weeds and the dirt in the field!

 In the dugout

 This was his first up-to-bat!

There he is on first base!

Heading to 2nd...

and home!

 Here, Emerson was getting ready for his second at-bat...

Good job, Emerson!!!

 I love these pictures of him running...is he happy or what?

 Once he got on 3rd base, he saw his dad...who was the 3rd base coach!

 What a great game!  Now, it was time to honor the opposing team...

 and give them all a high five!
Wow!  Did this ever bring back memories!  All 3 of our kids LOVED baseball...and we loved going and watching them play!