Saturday, April 12, 2014

LXXXVII...Wow! Happy Birthday, Mom

 This is my mom who is 87 years old today!  That would be LXXXVII...or you could say 'eighty-seven'....
 When she's in a good mood she tells me age is just a number...if she's not feeling good, she tells me she's getting old.

"You're only as old as you feel"...that's another phrase she says.  I hope you're feeling 29 today, Mom!

I don't think any of these are new photos to the JohnstonChronicles...but they're some of my favorites so I put them on here to wish my mom a very happy birthday!
 I wish I could be with you today to celebrate...
 I love you, Mom!
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Mother,
Happy Birthday to you!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Addison rides the elephants with Joshua, Erica, Thalia and a few more good men!

I was hoping Addison would have a chance to ride an elephant while he was in Thailand..
Thalia has ridden an elephant before...but it looks like the family went...along with a 'few good men' to ride them today!
Can you see that this is Addison and Joshua perched on top of this elephant?
Looks like they're headed to the river!  Oh boy!
 UJ, Addison's dad, told me he had talked to Addison...and that they'd ridden elephants...and that he and Joshua had both tried to balance on the elephant's trunk...and that one elephant had thrown Addison in the water!  Oh, that sounds like fun!!!
I think being thrown from an elephant wasn't the best medicine for Addison's back!
Looks like there was definitely a crew that went!
Here comes Joshua...I think this was after his swim with the elephant! sweet daughter in law and granddaughter! 
I think we had a fairly exhausted crew after their trek with the elephants!
 Yeah, Addison!  I hope you loved those elephants as much as your favorite aunt in California!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Addison visits Joshua, Erica, and Thalia in Thailand!

 Addison, aka, the new Dad, flew to Bangkok to visit his cousin, Joshua, Erica, and Thalia!
Where's Remy?  He's at home with his mama.  Addison had to leave Korea for some VISA visiting Cousin Joshua was the perfect place!

I notice he has his necessary bottle of water.  
Was this after eating the pepper, Addison?
I'm sure Addison is noticing all the marketplaces around the city.  They're everywhere.
Wat Arun
Wat Arun is a temple...but a temple you can climb.
 It's steep...I remember when we climbed it, Thalia was holding on for dear life!
I'm glad Addison got to see it!

 The views from the top...I just love all the roof lines...although I don't know if you'd call them 'roof lines' ... but they're so ornate, so beautiful!

You have to ride the boats on the river to get here.  You have to be ready to get off at your stop because they don't wait. 
Thanks for sending these pics, Joshua!  Keep them coming... and ya'll have fun!

Are elephants on the agenda?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Noah's Ark Puzzle

 I bought a puzzle at Costco awhile back...I think before Christmas...and forgot about it. It's a puzzle of Noah's Ark, but has some funny parts to it.  For example, one of the bears is the Coca-Cola bear with the sunglasses on drinking out of a cup with a straw.
I didn't even notice these little hidden comical parts until the puzzle was almost put together.

Anyway, when Lindsey and the boys were up, Benjamin found the puzzle and wanted to work it.
Just like the game, Sorry, he really hasn't been 'into' working puzzles, at least not with me.  But this trip, that was all different.  
 He worked the bulk of it...I helped some, of course.
 This was THE last piece!
 You can see where it went..

 That's all, Mimi! said the puzzle-worker.
 I love to work I love that Benjamin and Emerson enjoy working them too!  It's a fun thing to have out on a rainy, dreary, or cold day!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A bit of a struggle...

 When Lindsey and the boys were up, Benjamin and I played a lot of "Sorry."  He wasn't really into games before, but this trip was different.  I'm not sure how many games we played, but it was quite a few.  He definitely loved to win, but was a gracious loser and told me I did a good job when I won!
 Their 'Grandma' (aka Susan, Donnie's mom) brought the boys shirts from Ireland when she and Don (Grandpa) were there.  We wanted to get a picture of both the boys in them.  This was actually St. Patrick's Day and the boys had worn their shirts to my school.  I decided to have them sit on the hearth.  Benjamin sat down so I could see if I had enough light without using my flash.  William...well, he wasn't quite so ready to sit on the hearth...  His Papa tried to help...unsuccessfully!
 Benjamin patiently waited...
I actually had enough light if they were perfectly still...
but William at 2 years old is rarely perfectly still...
unless he's sleeping
 We moved them to in front of the door...
 Benjamin was encouraging his little brother to move closer...well, he decided he'd just move closer...
then the photo that wouldn't load shows William sprinting away...
 I thought I'd try the flash..
which I don't really like to use...see the shadow behind Benjamin?
 Plan C
We got Mama in the picture..
Actually, according to William, we got "Mom" in the picture.  For whatever reason, he started calling his Mama, Mom.  He would say Mom, she would say Mommy.  He would say Mom..etc.
 Plan C isn't working too well...
Ahh...well, it's not the best, but it's the best we were able to do!  It was nap time for William...probably not the best time to take a picture anyway!

This was for you, Don and Susan!  The shirts are great!