Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Were they going fishing?

Here's another picture I need a little background and help with.  I don't know the year, and I don't know everyone in the photo.  The middle three, however, I do know!

2nd from the left is my Aunt Monk.  Next to her in the center is Ebba.  (Benjamin and Emerson...it's Ebba's husband who we called Poopdeck!)...and next to Ebba is Mimi!  I don't know the people on either end.

The boat's all hooked up and ready to go...heading to Lake Belton?

Monday, September 01, 2014

This is really our garage...

 I know you may not believe that this is our garage...but it is!
 It definitely still needs some work.  Someone at this address has a very difficult time getting rid of 'stuff'... there are cans/boxes/jars of 'stuff' on the workbench and on shelves across the garage from the workbench that probably haven't been used in 15 years ... or more. 

"Don't throw that away!"
"Ron, you haven't used it in 20 years!"
"I might need that!" is the usual answer.
The important part...and the unbelievable part, is that I can actually get my car inside!  What a novel idea!

 Yep, it fits...with room to spare!
He asked me if I wanted to drive his truck to work tomorrow...so the car could stay in it's new spot.


Sunday, August 31, 2014


Going through some old photos, I found this picture.  Some of you will instantly know who it is....  It was taken in 1946....  
Aunt Jane, Mimi, and my mom!
What's the story behind this?  Mimi has on a corsage it looks like...Mom and Aunt Jane are dressed up...Where was this taken?
I wonder...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


My two little men...Emerson and Benjamin...both have now started kindergarten!  Emerson started last Wednesday and Benjamin started today.  They have both told me they liked their class...and their teacher...and that they've made new friends.  

Thanks Mom and Dad for taking pictures of these guys for their Mimi!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Backyard baseball

 When Joshua, Erica, and Thalia were here...and the rest of the family came, we had a backyard game of baseball!  William was convinced he was ready to play baseball, too!  Uncle Joshua was giving him some pointers!

 Joshua was ready to show us how it was done...
 The people in the stands were eagerly watching their favorite player at bat...
 The pitcher, B.Stewart, threw a high fast ball...
 Next batter, E.Johnston, up to bat...
 Next up:  the pitcher, B.Stewart...
 Is there a conflict at first base over whether he's safe or not?
 Ah, T.Johnston is up...she's a major player in this game.  We have Wilson peering over the fence.  He must not have bought a ticket for the game.
 It's not everyone who can slug it in a dress!  E.A. Johnston can...she's tough!
 L.Stewart came to the plate...
 The game continued for a long time...This Mimi loved, loved, loved having the family together, having fun, just hanging out together...

 My Baby Boys!!!

 RJ as he was mostly called in baseball...

 Some little man was sure loving it all!

 The elder Johnston was recruited to pitch...

 After a full afternoon of play, it was time to set up the camera and get a group photo... As  you can see, we had fun just getting it all set up!  Erica and Joshua...so much fun!
 There's no telling what Gabe was up to!

 I don't think I can say anything too specific here on this blog, but this guy, my baby boy, just told me today that he has gotten a huge honor!  Readers of this blog, ask me about it.  I'm so incredibly proud of Joshua!!!
 The timer was set on the camera, I ran to get in the picture...oops...didn't make it...
 Here we go...Benjamin gets a kick out of using the timer and his Mimi making a mad dash for her spot!

 Now it was Donnie who was the funny one!
 Just a couple of more...with my only granddaughter...
I absolutely love times like this...they make my heart so happy!