Friday, December 19, 2014

Joshua's first crab of the season...and ours too!

 This is Joshua's favorite food on the planet!  Crab... fresh crab...from our buddy, Jim.  Jim is a fellow-Marine...and he and Joshua have a lot to talk about.  Tonight, Jim brought the crab over and they sat around with a 6-pack talking.
 After some visiting time, Joshua and his Pop got ready to whack the crabs...
 they have to be backed..
I won't go into that, it kind of makes me .. well, it's kind of gross...
Ron was getting those creatures ready...
 Joshua was showing that he was ready...
He picked up a couple of the crabs for a picture...
until we heard,
"Josh, Josh!  Get him off!"
and there was my guy, with a crab stuck on his finger.
 Ron asked me if I wanted a quote:
"I shook him a little bit and quickly realized he wasn't coming off!  And it hurt...bad!"
 Joshua got a big knife to pry the pincher off..
then my poor guy just walked around for a while because it was hurting...
and bleeding..
 Notice the raised fingers on the counter?
Joshua had to take over completely..

 Once they were all backed, in the pot they went... Once the water came back to a boil, they had to be cooked for 20 minutes..

 The 20 minutes was up, they went into the bowl...
 They had some cool water run over them to cool them down...
They were put on ice...getting ready for Joshua!
 Joshua let them cool for awhiile...
a short while...
and then he said,
"I think it might be time for some crab!"

and finally, a re-creation of the scene when his Pops got attacked by the crab!

Thank you so much, Jim!
This Marine definitely appreciates this crab!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Who is this, Mom?

So...who is this, Mom?  I don't think this was taken in Mimi's house.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Sitting around Mimi's table

Daddy, Aunt Terry, Mimi, Ebba, Uncle Riley (Aunt Monks's husband), standing:  Aunt Jane, Uncle Charlie, Poopdeck, (Billy Brown) sitting:Aunt Monk and Uncle Buddy.

Talking to Mom, she has no idea what this occasion was.   It must be around Christmas because of the holly by the hat.  Uncle Riley wasn't usually at these gatherings.  So many are dressed up...Uncle Charlie, Uncle Buddy, and Poopdeck all have on ties.

Mom didn't think she had a picture of Uncle Riley...but, yeehaw, there is!

Saturday, December 06, 2014

The Pressleys

The Pressley Family 

Back Row:  Levi, Henry, Villa, Wallace, Monta, Jewel (my Mimi), Bea
Front Row:  Pa. Wilson, Meemaw, Bonnie Christine

Talking with my Mom, she thinks this photo was taken about 1919.  Mimi would be about 16 years old then.  She was born November 13, 1903.  Mom said this was taken after the war, because Levi and Bea had come home from the war.  Levi was a sailor and Bea was in the army.

Levi was the first son.  Pa wanted to name him after his brothers so he named him Levi McGrew Algernon Prescott (and there were 2 other names??).  When Levi had a son, he made him a Jr. and everyone called him LP, Jr.  When Villa was born, Pa gave her the middle name of Thomas, because that was his only brother who hadn't been included in Levi's name.  So Villa was Villa Thomas Pressley.  Pa always called her Thomas!  

Villa and Monta (Aunt Monk) each had 4 boys.  Mimi had 2 girls, my mom and Aunt Jane.  Bonnie Christine died in childbirth.

Levi married Willa Mae.
Wallace married Olla Mae.

Henry was married several times, but his first wife was Ruth.  They had Henry Jr., who my mom is still in contact with.  
Wilson was married to Lorna.  She lived with my mom and grandparents during part of the war (WWII) while Wilson was gone. He had been back from the war for 6 weeks and they were in a car driving to see Meemaw.  Lorna always kept her hand on the door handle.  Wilson ran off the road slightly, and when he tried to correct, the car flipped and flipped.  The door came open and she was cut in half and beheaded from the flipping car.  

Wilson was always called "Shorty."  I asked Mom if he was short, and she said, "Well, he wasn't tall."

This was all Mimi's family.

My grandfather's brother, Butler, married Iva Mae.

Mae must have been a popular name at the turn of the century.

All these stories came out tonight as I was talking to my mom....all because I wanted to get it straight who all these people were in the photo. 

Monday, December 01, 2014

He's getting closer to 60!

 My little baby brother is 55 years old today...

the double nickel...
 One big change he's had in this last year...he's now a grandpa!  Yep, he has two grandsons!  Brody and Remy!!  Here he is with Remy...
Here's Brody...

 and with his son, Addison, and Remy!   3 generations!
Here's the one who has put up with him for all these years...his sweet wife, Becky!

Happy #55 to you, Brother Dear!

Your favorite sister

Friday, November 21, 2014

August 10, 1955

This was my first birthday.
I love these...seeing my parents, Mimi, the surrounding neighborhood...
59+ years ago!
 I love the clothes!  My mom's dress, Mimi's dress, and mine!
 And we're out in the front yard?  Did we come out here to take pictures...or is this where we celebrated?

 I love how my dad has his sleeves rolled up.
 My first birthday!  I'm SO glad you took these pictures, Mom.  I think I must have gotten my love of photography from you?  At least photographing family!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Short bumper pads

I guess the bumper pads didn't completely do their job!

Monday, November 03, 2014

Daddy and his new!

My dad...
I don't know how old I am here...not very old at all, I suspect!  I love the way he is holding my arms!  It's hard to realize he's been gone for 34 years!  
I still miss him...

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Eating at Mimi' my Mom!

I don't know how old I am here, but not very old!  This is in Temple, at Mimi's.  Mom looks great after having a new baby!