Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Back in August of 2010

I've been putting 6 years of photos on an external hard drive...finally!  Tonight, as I was checking to make sure I had done it correctly, I randomly looked in my August, 2010 folder.  Look at these!
 These little men would have been 15 months old here!  Now they're 7 years old! 


Monday, May 23, 2016

Back at the house...opening presents!

 The party was over...
and back to the house we went.
 Emerson and family, Aunt Lindsey, Uncle Donnie, Benjamin, William, Papa and I were there.
Emerson was VERY excited to open his gifts!

 William and Benjamin both took turns handing Emerson his next gift to open.

 Benjamin had a Happy Birthday sign to put on the birthday boy!

 Walt was in on the fun!

 Ron and I needed to take off for home...
it was after 5 p.m. and we had a 4+ hour drive home!
 First, I needed a picture with my four grandsons!
 Pay attention to William's faces!

 I love love love being a Mimi!

Emerson King...what a fun weekend this was celebrating your 7th birthday!

I love you so much!
Happy, happy birthday to you!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Emerson's birthday party

 Emerson's party theme was "GIANTS"...
as in, San Francisco Giants!
He was dressed for the occasion!
 Because another group was on the baseball field, 
we adapted and set up a field in another place.

 A bit later, after pizza, snacks, and a smaller game, the field came open!
 Kids vs. Adults!

 Some of the spectators!
 Walt was enjoying some watermelon with his Papa Greg and Sue!


 You definitely look like a 7 year old, Emerson!

 I love this picture!!!

 Emerson is not a fan of cake.  Last year at his birthday party, there was cake, but there was also an ice cream cake for him.  This year, he didn't want cake or cupcakes, but popsicles!  We couldn't put a candle in a popsicle, so we ate and sang!

The party was at a park, obviously!  When we got there, a group was playing on the baseball field. We told Emerson not to worry, there were other things we could do.  He really wanted to play baseball.  As soon as the group left, we stormed the field and took it over!

As per Emerson's request, it was kids vs. 'grown ups'.
The 'grown ups' made a bad impression right off the bat.
They were playing as if their opponents were also in their 30's!  
The 7 year olds started building their confidence and took over the game!