Saturday, May 02, 2015

Making faces

 I came back from Denver on April 11th.  That night after Benjamin's bath, he went in to brush his teeth.  I had my camera...and he started to make faces.

He brushed his teeth...

 and made more faces...
and then it was time for bed...
I asked him if he wanted to read a book before going to sleep..
he did..
and so he went and got 4 books and told me he could read to me.
When we got situated on the bed, he asked,
"Mimi, what language do you want me to read in?"
"What language?"  I asked.  "What are my choices?"

He told me he could read in French, Spanish, or English.
I chose French.
He informed me he hadn't learned what all the letters sounded like, but he could read the title.  It was something about a cat, but he said it like a true Frenchman!
Next, he read 2 books in Spanish...
then 2 in English..
This Mimi was totally impressed.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Somebonnie had a birthday!

This was actually on April 10, not my mom's actual 88th birthday.  But since this was a Friday night...and I was flying back to California on Saturday, it was THE time to celebrate!  The White Fence Farm was our destination.  My mom had heard a lot about it and that's where she wanted to go.

Brody came and brought his mama.  He was enjoying the cottage cheese!
Look at that face!  Isn't he precious!!!
He decided to show off a bit and show us how old he was...and how he could eat his food with a spoon!  Actually, he did really well!

We stopped him when he started to fling the cottage cheese on his almost-88-year-old great grandmother!
My mom was watching this little man acting so big!
Across the table, we had our other little man.  Well, he's a much larger little man, but he is a bit younger.
Somebody decided he wanted his Pop...
Seeing as it was a big 88th birthday celebration, we had to have a cake!
and of course, we had to sing!

After all the celebrating, we tried to get Brody to say "Papa"...but he wouldn't do it when the camera was on.  He did do some mimicing of his Papa...
We took a few pictures before we headed out to the petting zoo part.

 I can't remember if there was any other animals besides the goats...but the boys sure enjoyed them!

See Remy's pacifier?
He decided to share it with one of the goats.
He threw it in their cage...surprising us all.  His daddy quickly reached in and saved the day!

 He thought it was all pretty humorous!

 Here's the White Fence Farm...I'm not sure where the white fence is, but that's what it's called!

 I kept smelling these trees...they had a wonderful scent.
 Back at home, I had made a brisket for my mom to freeze...
I think Mom was sampling it...

What a fun day this was...I'm so glad I was able to be there!  It's not everyday you turn 88 years old!  I love you, Mom... 
Happy, happy birthday again!

Sunday, April 26, 2015


He is precious!
He's also very, very, very, active!  
 He told me to watch him climb onto the rocking chair all by himself...
after he finished his dinner...


His mama was close by, but he was telling her to go away...
he could do it himself...


This truck is a favorite toy of his...and also of Brody's.
This made me smile...his daddy playing with him and hearing his laugh!

What fun it was to spend time with this little man!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My baby brother's new form of recreation

My baby brother got himself a new toy mode of transportation bike while I was in Denver!
 Addison already had a bike and enjoys riding.  His Dad thought it would be fun to ride together...
 Off they went on my baby brother's maiden voyage...
 I will abstain from talking about the results of his first biking adventure....
I'm sure he could tell his tale much better!
Thank goodness my sweet sister-in-law gave him some important parting words...