Sunday, January 14, 2007

There are stars...and then there are STARS

When I think of a 'star'...I think of something or someone that shines. Camilla has dreamed of being a star - the movie-type of star - and this past week, her dream came true - in ways she couldn't have imagined.

Our community has been a star for Camilla's family...people have rallied around this family in so many ways...including people who have never met them.

Tuesday, Camilla, Rema, and I were flown down to LA. We had arranged a visit to the set of the OC - one of Camilla's favorite shows - for Wednesday.

Backtrack to December...a neighbor knew someone who knew someone...etc., who contacted one of Camilla's "idols"...Drew took a day, flew up to our little town, and came to visit Camilla. What an absolute delight it was for her. As they visited that day, Camilla told her how she loved the show called The Family Guy. Drew gets home and contacts Seth who calls Camilla and talks to her, does voices for her...again makes her day.

Fast forward back to January. So we have the OC set up, the donation of the Camilla calls Seth. He invites us to visit the set. Camilla is BEYOND excited.

Tuesday we walk in to the set and everyone there treated Camilla like a 'star'. Seth arranged for her to sign a record for an upcoming show...Drew came to record was beyond her imagination.

Camilla looks over her lines.........Getting set up to record.

Camilla recorded as the character of Baby Girl.

Watching and listening to Seth as he recorded the different character voices was amazing. He also drew for Camilla.

After I took this photo, Camilla wanted a 'retake' without her glasses. Seth decided he would take his glasses off 'take 2.'

Wednesday, we were given a grand tour of the OC set and then watched them film. Not sure what episode...maybe 14? It was a birthday party scene for Taylor. It didn't matter what the scene was, it was thrilling for Camilla...and that's what mattered.

Camilla is certainly a star...What you cannot tell from these photos is the intense pain this 'Baby Girl' was in. Two days before we left, she developed shingles...extremely painful. As we were loading the plane Tuesday morning to leave, Rema is telling Camilla we should cancel the trip. Cancel? No way!

How do you say thank you to people who have gone so out of their way to give this precious child such gifts? There aren't any words...


Anonymous said...

How exciting for her. I am glad you got to go and experience all the excitement with her. I bet you guys had lots of fun! It is really great to know that celebrities care more than we think they do.

Lindsey said...

So touching. Chrissy Jones (Johnson) lives next door to her and told me about Camillia and Drew coming to visit her. I am so glad that she is able to have some positive and exciting events amidst the heartache.

I like Drew Barrymore so much now!

Anonymous said...

How happy we are to know the trip to LA was a brilliant success! Camilla may have been starry-eyed, but in my book, she is the awesome Star in a saga of courage. H&B