Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 18th

 Thalia... my sweetheart granddaughter, is 12 years old!

She is my chosen one!  Thalia asked me over 3 years ago if I would still love her when Lindsey and Emily had the boys.  That broke my heart that she would even think to ask that question.  I told her she was chosen... She had been chosen by Joshua...and chosen by her  Papa and I...  many are born into families - and you're delighted and ecstatic when they are, but few are actually chosen.  Thalia is one of the few...she has a special place that no one else can take.
Look how she's changed!  She was an adorable little girl, and now she's a beautiful young lady...

...beautiful inside and out!
This was last year when she was turning 11...

She's been my granddaughter for a long time....
This has been in my Bible for a long time... it's a note she left for Joshua one night when she came and hopped in bed with me.  I think it is so absolutely precious!
Mimi and Thalia in 2005
Mimi and Thalia in 2010
I adore her!

She's always, always loved animals!  When she was 4 years old, she'd cry when she didn't get to see Ozzie, our former neighbor, Pete's, dog.  Of course, she loved Eskie too!

Thalia grew up, and so did her animals! 
My sweet granddaughter....
Happy Birthday, Thalia!

Your Mimi loves you!


Anonymous said...

Thank u mimi!!! I love u soooooooooooooooo much and i cant wait to see you!!!! We have tons of pics from my 12th 80's birthday party and ill tell my mom to send them to u. Love u!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ruggy!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Thalia! We all miss and love you and are so proud of you.. I can't wait to jam on our guitars together!


Uncle Gabe

jujabbo said...

You had an 80s party! That's so funny. I hope you had a good time! I heard you went to a carny place for your b-day dinner. Next time, try out a local vegan restaurant...yum!!!
Love you, Lindsey