Friday, November 11, 2011

Sweet faces

This past weekend, Emerson was entertaining us with his many faces.  I didn't catch many on film (well, "film" is an outdated word... on 'digital'?  ... what DO you call it?)
 but I love the ones I did manage to capture!  He was making faces at his Papa...and then his Papa would copy him...then he'd change to another face...and his Papa would copy him...
 This 'game' was more than faces.  Emerson would jump up and hit something...his Papa would do the same thing...
 This face was when he was 'talking on the phone' with his Daddy... only his Daddy was sitting about 2 feet away....
Just sweet :)
 Ummm?  Let me think about that one!
Again, just sweet!
Emerson King... so many faces, and I just love each one of them!


Donnie said...

Very cute, can't wait to see you Eme! By the way, next time you come down to Benjamin's house, you might want to take a trip to Little Scissors!
Love you,
Aunt Lindsey

Anonymous said...

Yeah he's looking a little shaggy, I think it's time! Great pics of the facial expressions!!