Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Stance, Concentration, Swing & Ping, and a switch hitter

 It was a game of baseball between Emerson Buster Posey and Mimi, a definite rookie...
 I told Emerson to keep his eye on the ball, which he did...but the pitching left a lot to be desired. 
 What a gentleman Buster is, however.  I would tell him, "Oh I'm sorry.  That was a terrible pitch." and Buster would reply, "That's OK Mimi, it was good."
 I'm not sure how many homeruns he made.  Thankfully, his Aunt Lindsey was there to document this match-up.
 Then Gabe got home and rested from his successful fishing excursion...and Buster was ready to play some more baseball.  This time, Mimi was behind the camera...
 I really am amazed at how well he does! 

These videos...when I wasn't recording, I was in the kitchen and all I could hear was 'ping, ping, ping, ping' he kept hitting the ball!

 Look at how he has his eye on the ball!  Look at how his mouth and jaw are set!
And to add to his 4 year old skill...he's a switch hitter!

Wow, Emerson King!  I would say you are definitely a natural!  Kind of like your daddy!


Anonymous said...

Good coaching Mimi! That boy loves his baseball allright.. his right handed hitting has some room for improvement but he's a natural allright!

- biased daddy :)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!!