Friday, September 05, 2014


Mimi, 1949

A legacy was started here.
I don't really know how Mimi felt about driving, but her daughter, my mother, has always loved to drive.  That love was passed down to me, Mimi's granddaughter, my mom's daughter.
I love to drive long distances by myself doesn't phase me...I totally enjoy it, just like my mom.  
I don't know the story behind this picture...only that it's my Mimi in 1949.
Mom, do you know?


Anonymous said...

New Chevy. Mother was trying it out. It was so pretty and dark green in color. Had a V-8 engine too.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say that Mother enjoyed driving too. Had a heavy foot but not as heavy as mine. She knocked over a gasoline pump late one night in Arkansas. Had to spend the night since there was no one to give the fine to. What a gal.

Anonymous said...

Left out the word jail.

Judy said...

Haha! Mimi was in jail???