Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Lists

The Christmas season is here! I've been asking my family for a Christmas list for's taken some a bit longer than others to get them to me. I enjoy giving and it's wonderful when I know some things they really want.

Well, Lindsey sent me hers today...finally. On Donnie's list, one of the items, neatly tucked within others says, "Someone to iron Donnie's shirts each night." Um? I don't think I can fulfill that one!


Anonymous said...

My family made me give my list in September. They are early shoppers. That is funny about the ironing. I refuse to iron. I HATE it more than any other chore. Poor Jeremy. I somehow think he will survive though.

Anonymous said...

Donnie, I wish I lived close by because I would love to iron your shirts. Also, I would love to see your christmas list. I have no clue as to what you two would like to have. Love you, Saddie