Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This is not a cheery post :(

I haven't posted about Camilla lately. I almost didn't today, but I know people are wondering.

I have always been told to not say, "What else can go wrong?" because things can always get worse...and I DO know that. But right now, my poor Camilla is suffering with a capital S.

She was so happy when she got to come home from St. Jude...on Day 99 after her transplant. A bone marrow biopsy had been taken before she left...two weeks later, the results came back as "slightly positive." Not good. They took another one. Two weeks later it again came back "slightly positive." Really not good. So...they took T-cells from Rema and gave them to Camilla to give her immune system a "boost." Two days later she was in extreme pain...she's still in extreme pain...and today, she is now in Intensive Care at the hospital...high fever...intense pain.

The doctors are GUESSING that the T-cells are attacking the parts of her bone that are dead...and attacking her nerve endings...and that's what is causing the pain. To cope, she is on unbelievably high amounts of pain meds...so much so that she hallucinates at times. Now the fever...and we don't know why. Her lungs are clear, so that rules out pneumonia.

Christmas is coming and she is looking SO forward to going to Virginia to see her grandfather and other relatives. Now she's also scared that she won't be able to go...


Anonymous said...

Judy, prayer warriors at CBN are on the job for Camilla--we are praying for the next post to be a praise report. Just today Bob and I were planning to deliver a Christmas gift to Camilla--so sorry she is back in the hospital. Wish we could do something for Rema--give her our love next time you talk. My heart cries out for her. Helen

Anonymous said...

P.S. For uplifting prayer for Camilla (or anyone else) with a prayer partner who prays God's heart as found in His Word, call l-800-759-0700, 24/7.