Thursday, March 01, 2007

Memorials to Eskie

Camilla, who by the way is much stronger (I will post on her soon!), wanted me to write more about Eskie. When I told her the post I had written and told her which photo I had put on, she told me I should do more. She also is the author of the title of this post!

Camilla loved Eskie. One thing Camilla loves to do is come over and play games while she sits by the fireplace. Well, Eskie also loved to sit by the fireplace, so it often became a scooting match to see WHO sat DIRECTLY in front of the fire...Camilla usually won. Actually, Rema loves to sit in front of the fire could be a battle!

The night we lost Eskie, Camilla was as sad as anyone. She loved him so much. It was heartwarming to me...Camilla's concern. She was SO incredibly concerned about I was Ron and I and our kids were over losing Eskie. She told me she called Seth...told him about what had happened to me...and how he understood because he had just put his huskie down 2 weeks ago...his name was Brian!

Eskie loved to hide...under the sink, behind dishes, amongst the jam...lots of places! He could open our many mornings I would be running late for school because I spent so much time trying to find Eskie! Sometimes I couldn't figure out HOW in the world he could get somewhere without knocking everything off! Even though I couldn't stand to have him on the counter, I would usually smile at him first, congratulate him on even being ABLE to get up there...then I'd gently put him down and move the stools so he couldn't climb back up...silly me, he would find another way to get up there. I never figured out what exactly he loved about being up there...when he'd NEVER even tried the first 17 years of his life!

Now Eskie also grew to LOVE the toilet....not sure why...we always gave him fresh water - every single day....but he would eat downstairs, ignore the water DIRECTLY next to his food, and saunter upstairs, climb on the toilet, and drink to his hearts content!

Eskie...he was the perfect pet. We miss him.

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