Monday, February 26, 2007

You've been THE BEST KITTY, Eskie!

We lost Eskie today.

Eskie has been the best...he was my very first kitty...maybe my only. I remember the summer before Lindsey started 3rd grade. She came home with her friend, Katy, and told me how much she wanted this cute kitty. My first answer was an emphatic NO. She begged, she pleaded, she cried...and in the end...we had Eskie.

Gabe, who had told Emily how he didn't like cats, (of course, now they have 3...Smores, Cookie, and Pumpkin) well, Gabe use to dress Eskie up in Lindsey's doll's clothes and he and his buddy, Isaac, would put Eskie in Lindsey's doll stroller and take poor Eskie on a wild ride around the neighborhood. Eskie was always good natured about the whole thing.

He had a great life...and now he's gone...and I'm sad.

Ron and I went to the bay area Friday - Sunday. When we got home, our neighbor John asked us if we had seen how Eskie's face was swollen...we hadn't noticed. So we looked, and it wasn't too bad. Ron took him to the vet today. He had a massive infection that went from his eye to his mouth. Plus...he was severely dehydrated and had kidney failure. I'm not sure how he could tell all that. Eskie also only weighed a little over 5 lbs. We knew he was really thin...but he was nearly 18 years old.

We stayed with him...petted him...told him how much we loved him and would miss him...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that, I can't imagine loosing one of my pets now, I'm glad he had a long happy life.

Anonymous said...

One time I was sleeping in the living room and during the night I felt someone or somthing looking at me and it was Eskie hissing at me. I would tease him a lot. Guess that was the reason he would slap at me as I would walk by the bar stool and hiss at me. The house will not be the same. He wa so smart. I'll miss him. Saddie

Gabe said...

I don't know about dressing him up in doll clothes, I think you mean I dressed him up in a football or army uniform but yes, he was a great cat. He was both tolerant and affectionate at the same time. We'll all miss you Eskie.


Anonymous said...

I think Tater and Eskie are playing chase as I write this.
Hugs to all

Dana said...

judy, i am so sorry to hear about eskie. i know this is a little late, but i didn't know before. also th email i gave you with Katie's email. hers is actually with a 20 instead of a 22. sorry! well i am sorry about eskie!!!!!!!!