Sunday, April 15, 2007


I AM a school teacher...I DO teach spelling...I AM from Texas...and there are SOME WORDS I may say a little different than ...say someone from anyplace else. So I am writing the post about my Mom becoming an Octogenarian and I wrote the word 'shabang'..cause I KNOW it's a word, I've used it all my life...but when I look it up to make SURE I'm spelling it correct - it's not there. My ONLY thought was that the dictionary was not up to speed. Did I even think I might possibly have spelled it incorrectly? Why no....

After I had finished that post...I was wondering about 'shabang' and thought 'uh-oh...maybe it's spelled with an E??? Well, guess what The Newbury House Dictionary says?

she-bang / n.slang the whole shebang: all of something (objects, a situation, an event, etc.): We packed all our files and equipment, and the movers took the whole shebang in our new offices. \\ The wedding was expensive, but her parents paid for the whole shebang.

Mr. Webster gave a similar definition...

I didn't want to write the whole shebang about Mom's birthday over again, so I just wrote this post so I wouldn't discredit myself as a good speller.

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