Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Tribute to Camilla

It's been a difficult week...

My mind has been consumed with thoughts of Camilla... remembrances ... images of her when she was healthy. I was afraid I would only "see" her as she was at her weakest. I was wrong.

Our community has been amazing. Some of us rounded up photos and Connie mounted them on boards which we had up in the foyer of the church and at the reception. Now they hang in Camilla's home. As I look at them, my mind goes back to the first half of her 4th grade year - when she was so happy.

I flashed on when Eskie died, and how Camilla advised me to make a "Memorial to Eskie" and even told me which pictures to put on the blog. I had posted about losing Eskie, but she didn't think it was good enough. So that made me think...and I decided to post some photos of a more healthy Camilla...
This is Camilla with her good friend, Eve. This is a girl who use to be a friend of Camilla's, Maren. In the center is her good friend, Dana...and then there's Camilla. I think this was in 3rd grade.
This is Kelli and Camilla playing soccer together. Camilla had actually been diagnosed when these photos were taken, but as you have learned about Camilla, that didn't stop her from playing.

Here is Camilla in the beginning of her 4th grade year. In the first photo, Camilla, Dana and I were taking photos of each other. In the second one, Camilla was sharing about herself...she loved to swim, thus the goggles!

I LOVE this photo of Camilla and Dana. This was "Friday Silent Reading"...which is usually not too silent. They were sitting outside the classroom looking at a photo album. Wonder what was so funny? In this second photo, Camilla was leading the pack as they lined up to come in from recess.

Here, Camilla is sharing...not sure what. In this second picture, look at this absolutely precious face!

This is another of my favorite photos of Camilla and Dana...and then typical Camilla - giving 100% on her school work.

Another sweet shot of our beautiful Camilla. This second picture is Halloween. Cody is Dorothy...a very pretty Dorothy, I might add. Then comes Camilla the "surfer dude" and Dana the ... is that a mouse? Megan must have been a princess?

Junie B. Jones were some of Camilla's favorite books in 3rd and 4th grade. This last photo is one that Dana took of us...I love it.

Still more to come.........but it's late now....

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