Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Automotive Man

Benjamin is an automotive guy...a gadget guy!  Saturday morning, early Saturday morning, before I had even had a cup of coffee, he asked, "Shall we drive Mimi's car?"  I told him I needed a cup of coffee first...and he needed to eat some breakfast before we went outside.
Staying true to my word, after breakfast, out we went so he could 'drive.'
Of course, he is in the driver's seat...with keys!  I am to ride in the passenger seat.  He lets me know when to open or close the door.  He's a safe driver, always making sure to lock the doors!
Once the door is locked, the key goes in the ignition...
He opens his door...holds on to the steering wheel so he can lean way out as he holds onto the door, then SLAMS the door... Jean Marie and Betty, their neighbors, said after 25 or so door slams, they realize Benjamin is behind the wheel!
I've convinced him the windows must be down a little so we don't get too hot in the car...
As you can see from his change of clothes, this is a different day...or maybe just a different time of day.  I'm not sure how many times we went 'driving Mimi's car' during the time we were there.
He definitely has a routine... key in the ignition....make sure Mimi is in the passenger seat...open and close his door 20 times or so... turn every dial in the car...turn on every light and noise-maker...("I turn on Mimi's flashers!"), then grab the wheel and drive with a HUGE grin on his face!

He also decided he LOVED opening the trunk.  He pressed the button on my key, listening to the latch release the trunk.  The scary part was him jumping out of the car to go close the trunk...then aim the key at the trunk and open it again..then close it...then open it...then close it...

Sunday afternoon, I was on the computer while he was outside with his daddy and Papa...and here he came with his Daddy...holding my broken frame that goes around the license plate.  I'm sure he had grabbed it to close the trunk.  His daddy instructed him to apologize! 
My driver!  He loves the noises in the car.  As you'll see/hear in the videos, he's opening the trunk (you'll hear the noise), locking the doors (you'll hear it click...and click...and click), and keeping the door open with the beeping from the open door.  He doesn't need a toy...he has a full-size Honda!

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jujabbo said...

Oh, we've had such tantrums the past few days because Benjamin wants to drive the car. He is so upset when he's not allowed to!