Friday, September 09, 2011

Hanging out with Emerson

What a fun little place!
We headed to Sonoma so we could ride the train with Emerson... We had never been here before but Gabe had been told it was a fun place to take we met there.
My little guy, however, didn't want to ride the train.  "Emerson, do you want to ride the train with Mimi?"   "No!"
"Emerson, do you want to ride the train with Mimi and Papa?"  

That didn't matter...we had so much fun just hanging out with him... walking around...watching the train... trying to figure out where the petting zoo was.  (You have to ride the train to the petting zoo.) 
He was checking out his Papa's hurt thumb.  I can't remember if we told him the truth about what happened...that his cousin, Benjamin, SLAMMED the door on his Papa...the car door!  Ouch! 
Do kids come any cuter than 2 year olds? 
Emerson loved watching the ferris wheel...  "Do you want to ride the ferris wheel with Mimi?"

Papa was also loving hanging out with Emerson...
This Mimi melts around these little men and our not-so-little-but-gorgeous granddaughter!
I think these two were having a fairly serious talk...
Emerson wanted to look into his Papa's eyes while they talked...

Ok, enough of this visiting...let's run around some!  Gabe had the camera and was trying to snap photos of this little guy as he was running around!
Emerson saw all the "Thomas the Train" souvenirs... he didn't ask for them...but his Mimi pointed some things out and asked him if he wanted them...  The shirt I thought was the absolute cutest, only came in a size 10/12... a little big for a 2 year old.
When I showed this one to Emerson, he said, "Yes Mimi, I like it!"
We looked around in some old authentic train cars... great places for changing diapers!
 Emerson had a grand did the rest of us!

Like I said, this Mimi melts around her little people!

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