Sunday, April 07, 2013

A few snapshots from this week...

 These boys!  They were playing with these cups in the tub...screeching with laughter...and I saw they had figured out how to make the cups stick to their chins!  Hilarious!!

Before Emerson got here, we went to the beach one day.  It was a bit chilly...almost too chilly to be at the beach, but someone had fun playing in the sand...
 I love, love, love this picture of Emerson!  I've edited it about 5 different ways...and here are two!

 This was also before Emerson came...we were at a different park...I love the composition of this!
 William...the man of many faces!  He decided he WAS one of the big boys this trip!

 My two big boys... Their Papa took this picture of them :)

It's been fun...and say the least!  I so love having them here, even with the squabbles over toys, over the aggravating each other...I love it.  They're my little men :)

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Anonymous said...

Those are some great pictures! Looks like Emerson is showing a little too much!