Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy #37 Joshua!

This is Joshua...but he wasn't 37.  This was in 1994...which would make him 18 years old!!!
 Here he is at 36...taken at Christmas!  
This is my little man when he wasn't even 1 year old.  His Aunt Patti was helping him to learn to walk!
This is 1977, when we had just moved to Oregon.  This was taken in a park in Ashland, Oregon.  I've always LOVED this photo!  
Oh my gosh, this is making me nostalgic!  Joshua loved to brush his teeth, but his daddy always took over afterwards to make sure they were really brushed.  
Look at Joshua!  He was...well, goodness gracious...he still IS such an absolutely adorable sweetheart!  
This is my dad... and oh how he did love 'Big Josh'!  As you can see, Joshua was close to being a big brother!
 Kindergarten came...and Joshua was now into school!
 Unfortunately, we went through a tough time when we almost lost my guy!  Joshua was brave...but so upset seeing his dad this way.  This was quite a bit of time after he had been in a very serious (obviously) car wreck.  He was in a hospital in Oregon...and by this time, we were living in northern California.  
Fast forward and now my little man is all grown up...he's a U.S. Marine...and he's met the love of his life, Erica!
 What a fun, beautiful day!

 Two families came together!
 Doesn't Joshua look great in a cowboy hat?  I don't think I've ever seen him wear one except for this night...

 Besides being an unbelievably great dad, he's a great uncle!  Uncle Josh! 

 Joshua and Benjamin...Benjamin has always reminded me of Joshua.  When Joshua was a little guy, he was so interested in how things worked...always wanting to fix something (he hasn't changed!)..and Benjamin is the same way.  I have always thought they looked alike..but then again, Benjamin has confused photos of his daddy and his Uncle Joshua!

 Joshua has always been a worker!  When he knows he's coming up to see us, he'll start telling his Pop to 'make a list!'.... that's a list of projects!  He loves it...and he loves to work alongside his Pops!

 Hold on!!!  Something is wrong with this picture!  Joshua is drinking a 'Bucky's' and Erica is working with a screwdriver???
 Not only does Joshua do 'projects' at his own home...and at ours, but he flies to Texas to do 'projects' at his Saddie's!
This was a H-O-T summer...and we replaced the roof on the back porch.

 Uncle Joshua and Uncle John...both UJs!

 Joshua is definitely a family man!  He absolutely loves and adores Erica and Thalia...I love how they take so many pictures of themselves together! 

 Joshua loves when we all get together...he's definitely my son!  He starts planning WAY in advance.  He started planning our Christmas, 2012 trip in November of 2011!  He makes things happen... He loves to have fun...and he's so fun to be around.

 He, Erica and Thalia are getting ready to move...from southern California to Bangkok, Thailand.  I think they'll still be close to water...to beaches...which they all love!

 Joshua has been more into photography in the past few years...or so it seems to me.  Erica is definitely MY daughter-in-law with her love of photography. 
 This is going to come in handy as they travel to Asia....and all the new places they'll see.  I don't know if any of them will be as interesting as Cadillac Ranch...but maybe!
Joshua...my first little man.  

Happy Birthday, Joshua!!!


Happy Anniversary to you and Erica!

I love you all...
so much!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Josh, I love you so much. You've been such a blessing to all of us.

Happy Anniversary to you and Erica. She's a keeper. I love you both and that includes Thalia. Saddie

jujabbo said...

Happy B-day Josh! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! And happy anniversary to you and Erica!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog mom. 37 and still moving right along.
Love you,