Wednesday, May 01, 2013

It all started with an iPhone

I said for quite a few years that I did NOT want a phone where I had the internet at my fingertips.  I thought I would be distracted by it...that I would be on it too, too much. 

So I resisted.

I have no idea what all happened that started changing my mind...I think partly being able to call and communicate from my overseas travels...but then I decided I absolutely wanted to get an iPhone.  Then the big question was...Verizon or AT & T... and so I researched...and researched...and settled on Verizon.  (Great decision!)  Well, Gabe was on we went on a family plan with him and I got my iPhone5...and I love it.
I was fascinated with all it would do...with the conversations with Siri....and with the apps.  Oh my!

The first Friday night after gettiing the phone, I was at dinner with my girlfriends.  One of them, Terry, told me she loved an app called MapMyRun.  So I downloaded did my buddy, Pam. 

Well, my guy and I took a walk and I used it.  Loved it.  I started walking more...and more.... and I started trying to beat my time from the previous walk.  At each mile, MapMyRun tells you how much time as elapsed and your average pace.  It uses GPS to track your route.  It also tells you how many calories you burned. 

Getting my 4th and 5th graders ready for the 5th graders physical fitness test, I would watch them run the mile.  Watch?  Why wasn't I doing it with them? 

That led me to start attempting to jog a bit with them. 

Now I go for my walk/jog/walk just about every day. The minimum distance I walk is 3.3 miles.  I love it....I look forward to it every day.  When I feel overwhelmed, getting out and pushing myself to beat my time clears my head.  Some days I'll go 5+ miles...some days 4 miles...I try to keep my miles under 12 minutes...sometimes I do a lot better (10.3 minutes) and sometimes I'm in the 13 minute range.  When Ron and I just walk, we're in the 14 minute range. 

I can tell it what kind of workout I'm going to do.  For example, on this one, I said I was doing a 'power walk.'  That's what I usually do.

 It keeps track of all my workouts...

Living on the coast gives me a spectacular place to exercise...right along the Pacific Ocean!  The iPhone has a great little camera, so often, I'll pause MapMyRun for a second, open the camera, and take a picture of the sunset..or the fog...or the trail..or...whatever, but usually the ocean!

 Part of the trail...

 Yep, I jogged past this cow...
The river about to empty into the Pacific Ocean...with the fog hanging in...

I was inspired by an app...I AM inspired by an app....

and it all started with my iPhone!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Mom

Anonymous said...

The Cow probable said, "Eat Mor Chiken"!!

Great pictures! Keep up the good work

Your favorite Brother in the entire world

Anonymous said...

Used the app this past weekend! Thanks for introducing me to it! Laner

Anonymous said...

Good for you for getting out there, Aunt Judy!! I'm definitely going to download this app for my runs, thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

That's cool Jutze!