Sunday, January 26, 2014

Playing outside

William was up in the play equipment...peeking at us through the window.

 He was definitely having fun up there...and his Mimi was a little nervous...I was the same way with Benjamin when he was younger and was up in this part of the equipment. 

 Benjamin was playing a game on my phone before he came out to join the fun!  Actually his dad and Papa were working on planting an avocado tree!
 William decided they needed a little tractor help...

 When William abandoned the tractor, Benjamin took over the work!

 You can see the avocado tree...not yet planted!

 Benjamin was helping with moving the dirt...

Papa was busy digging the hole for the tree...but he definitely had a lot of help!


Anonymous said...

Looks like William is going to be a bruiser. Look at his legs-so muscled. Two cuties. Saddie

jujabbo said...

That was fun having you guys down here! And I can't wait to eat some guagamole with avocados from the tree!

jujabbo said...
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