Saturday, February 01, 2014

Family pictures

I realized tonight that I had never posted all of these photos.  I posted the family pics of the Stewarts on January 19...their 11th anniversary.

These first two photos below, I posted again...I just love them.  They make me smile.
We set up the tripod to take a family shot of the Stewarts and us...and then Susan took over the controls!  She arrived the day we were leaving.  I meant to take one with her, too.  That got lost in the shuffle of two squirmy little guys, actually one squirmy little guy.  

Can you guess which one that is?
 Lindsey and I got matching shirts at we had to have a photo, of course!

 I'm trying to decide which group shot to enlarge...touch choices!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!Love the blouses too. Saddie

jujabbo said...

Great pics! I love the one with the boys.