Monday, April 07, 2014

Addison rides the elephants with Joshua, Erica, Thalia and a few more good men!

I was hoping Addison would have a chance to ride an elephant while he was in Thailand..
Thalia has ridden an elephant before...but it looks like the family went...along with a 'few good men' to ride them today!
Can you see that this is Addison and Joshua perched on top of this elephant?
Looks like they're headed to the river!  Oh boy!
 UJ, Addison's dad, told me he had talked to Addison...and that they'd ridden elephants...and that he and Joshua had both tried to balance on the elephant's trunk...and that one elephant had thrown Addison in the water!  Oh, that sounds like fun!!!
I think being thrown from an elephant wasn't the best medicine for Addison's back!
Looks like there was definitely a crew that went!
Here comes Joshua...I think this was after his swim with the elephant! sweet daughter in law and granddaughter! 
I think we had a fairly exhausted crew after their trek with the elephants!
 Yeah, Addison!  I hope you loved those elephants as much as your favorite aunt in California!


Anonymous said...

Such fun. Love the pictures. Saddie

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he loves you more!

Great pictures


Anonymous said...

That was fun and we really enjoyed having Addison over.