Monday, April 21, 2014

Car Washer

 In March when Benjamin was here, he wanted to help me wash the car.  He definitely loves to help!  He's so much like his Uncle Joshua in that way!
 Benjamin liked to use the big brush.
 He was not on rinse-duty because the nozzle isn't working well...and I just thought it best if I work the hose.  He was happy with that...just moving back out of the way when I said it was rinse time!
 It was a beautiful day...but got a bit windy.  The wind...was neither of us wanted to get wet. 

Papa came out after a bit to check on us. 
He made some comment about me washing a car.... I love to wash cars!  Only, I don't like to do it when I'm that means that most days on the north coast, I don't consider good car-washing days.  The wind picked up this day, but it wasn't too bad.
Papa wanted to document this car-washing exercise....I'm glad he did!  We washed Benjamin's car after washing, actually, I think we washed his first.  Anyway, we had some clean cars...inside and out!

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