Wednesday, May 28, 2014

1st tooth out

May 23rd was a pretty momentous day for Mr. Emerson King!  Yes siree, it was.  He lost a tooth, his first tooth to loose...and he lost it by SWALLOWING it!!!
 Emerson shows the new gap in his smile!
 Emerson had a visitor while he slept on the night of May 23rd.  When he woke up on the 24th, I asked him if the Tooth Fairy had come.  He said, in a very dejected voice, 'no.'
 Having an inside connection with the Tooth Fairy, I was surprised that she hadn't I went and checked under his pillow...saw that she had DEFINITLEY been there, and went and got Emerson.
 'Excited' is a fairly mild term to describe Emerson at this point.  He tore open the envelope and found his gift.

 The Tooth Fairy must have been reading about infllation.  $5? 
Later Saturday morning, Emeson got a bit 'under-the-weather.'  He said his stomach hurt 'a little'.  Well, about 30 minutes later, he threw up everywhere!

A little later, Emerson told me his stomach hurt.   He actually told me that several times.  After a while, he told me he knew why he threw up... He said it was the tooth he lost.

See, Emerson's tooth came out while he was eating a tuna fish sandwich....and he swallowed it!

oh no!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sooooooo . . .was the tooth in the barf?