Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My baby is 38!

My baby 38 years old today!
Here is my baby boy in May of 1977.  He was one year old and so absolutely precious!
I took a little nostalgic ride mostly through 1978.  
Here we are:  "Sad Sack", as she was called, me, Patti, Aunt Jane
Joshua, Mimi, Ray
This was in January of 1978
 Joshua was a happy little you can see here on February 15, 1978
 Oops!  On February 25, 1978, Joshua looks like he had a little accident...well, he just didn't make it soon enough!
 I'm sure he was saying 'cheese' here.  Joshua was getting used to having his picture made!
March 1, 1978...this is Joshua and Justin Wood.  Justin and Joshua were buddies!  I also kept Justin while his parents worked.  I loved taking photos of them together.  Joshua so fair and Justin so dark...  I wonder where Justin is now?

 March 11, 1978...Joshua was helping me bake bread.  He had stitches on his chin...I think it was from falling off his yellow bus.
March 26, 1978... Easter Sunday!

 Early in May...must have been the week before Joshua's birthday, we went up to Crater Lake.  This was my Mom's first trip to see it.  Mom had come up for Joshua's birthday.  I was pregnant with Gabrial...only we didn't know it was Gabrial.
 These two were taken at one of the little campgrounds between Crater Lake and Prospect, where we lived.
 This is Highway 62 that leads out of Prospect, Oregon.  This was the road we would take to go to Crater Lake.  Isn't it gorgeous?
 Here is my baby boy, exactly 36 years ago today.  Joshua is 38 years old today...and these pictures were taken on his 2nd birthday...May 14, 1978! 

 Joshua called my mom, Sad Sack, even though now she is called Saddie.  Lindsey is the one that shortened it...and it stuck! 
 Sad Sack and Granddad bought this swingset for Joshua for his 2nd birthday!
 This was still his birthday...and this yellow bus is the one he fell off of when he had to get stitches on his chin. Ron just reminded me how he cut his chin....HE, Dad..pushed Joshua on the bus and Joshua went flying over the front end.  Ron says it was more painful for him.
I don't know about that!
 Still on his birthday, this was his birthday outfit!

What Joshua really wanted to do on his birthday was play on his new swingset!

May 15, 1978 was the day Sad Sack flew back to Texas.  We took her to the airport in Medford to put her on the plane. 

sniff, sniff
In June, 1978, we had more family come from Texas!
June 16, 1978
Grandpa, Grammy, Uncle Larry with Brenda
Sandra, Joshua (held by Grammy), and me
Here we were at Crater Lake
 Grammy and Joshua at Crater Lake

Here is Joshua with the rocking chair that I still have..the rocking chair that was MY grandfathers, that he got for his first birthday in 1901!
 Oops!  Someone was so tired that he fell asleep while he was riding on his rocking horse!
July 8, 1978
We were at Lost Creek Lake south of Prospect.
 July, 1978, brought more family from Texas!  Here is my Mimi with Crater Lake.  This was on July 20, 1978.
 Ray also came...and here he and Joshua are in our backyard doing something with the wheelbarrow!
 Joshua with a Pepsi?  Can you see the ring on his finger? 
 Ray, Aunt Jane with Joshua, and Mimi
We went up to the different day campgrounds off Highway 62.
 Uncle Charlie, Mimi, Joshua, Ray, and Aunt Jane

Everyone wanted to see sweet baby boy!

Fast forward 20 years...

Joshua was in the U.S. Marines (still is!) but in San Diego.  Grammy and Grandpa were on their way up to our house to see Lindsey graduate from high school.  They stopped in Capistrano Beach and Joshua came and spent the day with them at the beach.

 In December, 1978, we all flew to Texas for Christmas.
Here's Joshua with his UJ...well, Joshua is also now a UJ!
Joshua has never been real adventurous on his choice of foods.  I think he's thinking he's not going to like this...whatever it is!
This was Joshua and I in August of 1999.  We're on the grounds of Mission San Juan Capistrano.  I THINK this is the time I went down and picked up Joshua's car before he went overseas???

Fast forward a few more years...and Joshua met someone very special...Erica.  Erica is my sweet daughter-in-law...
not only is today Joshua's 38th birthday..
but it's also Joshua and Erica's anniversary!  Hopefully they'll be celebrating both Joshua's birthday and their anniversary in Bangkok!  Maybe Thalia will bake a cake sing Happy Birthday to her dad!

Happy Birthday, Joshua...

and Happy Anniversary, Joshua and Erica!


Anonymous said...

Thank you mom…..except for the picture of me crapping on myself, but I still love you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear one. My how time does fly, seems like yesterday when I look at the pictures. You were such a beautiful little boy and so sweet. And now you are a handsome young man and twice as sweet. I love you. Saddie

jujabbo said...

What a cute little guy! Happy Birthday Josh! We love you.
Lindsey (and family)

jujabbo said...

What a cute little guy! Happy Birthday Josh! We love you.
Lindsey (and family)

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Grute!

Gabe & Emerson

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Josh.
You are awesome