Monday, August 25, 2014


I finally found my SD card!  I've been looking everywhere for it...knowing these photos - and others - were on it.  If you're a reader of this blog, you know I like to do posts in the order they happen..but this is out of line.  There are some others that came before this...and some of the ones already posted happened after.  Oh well!  I'm just glad I found it!  

This is Remy!  What a little cutie!  
 Here's another cutie...Brody!
 Soo and Remy
This was my first time to meet Soo...she's such a sweetheart!  Welcome to our family, Soo...and welcome to the United States!
 Remy is such a happy little man!
 He might have been laughing at this grandpa...Poppy?  Can't remember what John David is calling himself to these little men.  Probably something other than UJ.
This was my dad's army cap!
Here's my mom with the two little guys.  
 John David and Remy

 3 generations...Addison, John David, and Remy

Now, here's my baby so so wonderful.  He and I both flew to Colorado..Joshua from Texas and me from SFO.
 Mom and Brody

Remy and his parents (Addison and Soo)
 The two little men ... Looks like Remy is trying to tell Brody something?
 My baby boy used to lay down on the floor like Remy and Brody...well, he probably still does!
 These little guys are precious...I just love babies!  My smallest is 2 1/2 years old (William)...and I miss this stage!

 We posed with my mom

and here are the boys with their ... Granny?  Nanny?  It's my sister in law, Becky...their grandma!

What sweeties they are!


Anonymous said...

I left a comment this morning, so I will leave another. Love all the pictures and I loved having you and Josh more. Mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun in the Centennial State! Those boys are getting big! :)