Thursday, April 16, 2015

BuckSnort Saloon

On April 4th, I flew to Colorado to visit my mom and my brother and his family!  When Ron and I were there in February, we were planning to go to the BuckSnort Saloon, but didn't make it.  After I landed on April 4th, we went from the airport to BuckSnort!  What a place!

We were on a narrow, windy road to get there.  Part of the road was even dirt!  We weren't sure we were even going the right way...but all of a sudden, there it was!
The building has been around since the 1800's.  I'm not sure how long it's been the BuckSnort Saloon, though!  

As you can see, there are dollar bills hanging all over the ceiling and the walls.  One of the waitresses said they estimated there was between $3000-$4000 hanging!
There was live music from this guy.  
My mom went up and asked him if he knew any songs from the 30 or 40's.
"Uh, no."
She told him that was OK, that she liked his music anyway.
 My brother and Becky...I have to say, Becky did NOT drink that beer.  She did take a sip, I think. 
 My mom, on the other hand, enjoyed hers!
 I don't think the BuckSnort is known for it's food.  We had an appetizer of something like potato skins...and then we had a hamburger...but the ale was so good!
 This is my mom asking if he knew a song from the 30-40s...

A little later, he played a song, (can't remember which one), but it was a bit older, probably not from the 30's or 40's...but it was older.  My mom wanted to give him a tip...which she did...and then wanted her picture made with him.  
I asked him later, during his break, if he was from Colorado. 
He told us no, he came here with a bunch of hippies...they had a commune with 16 people, a bunch of dogs...and I can't remember what else.  
  A little later, he was playing...and Mom was into the music.  She said she really liked the song he was playing...and she liked the beat.
It was a Grateful Dead song!
 This was part of the bar...with the sign for the Antler Ale, a delicious beer!
 The BuckSnort Saloon...what a fun place!  I totally enjoyed it!

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I wish I was at the BuckSnort Saloon!