Thursday, April 02, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, William! A look at the year you were 2 years old!

Last March 2, (2014) we had William's 2nd birthday party.  Now, we just had his 3rd birthday party on his actual birthday, February 28, 2015!  This year seems to have flown by!
 His 2nd birthday was a farm theme...
 His mama and daddy were happy to be celebrating their little man's 2nd birthday!
 A couple of weeks later, William came to see his Mimi and Papa.  On March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, he came with his brother, Benjamin, and his his Mimi's classroom.  He was a bit shy at first.

 Benjamin taught Mimi's students to count in Spanish...William watched and listened!

 Also during that trip, Lindsey and I took the boys to 'dizzy park.'  William loved jumping off this cement sitting area/fence!

 Back at home, I tried to get a good photo of Lindsey, Benjamin, and William...well, it wasn't to be!

In May, we came down to see you and celebrate your brother, Benjamin's, birthday.  
 Of course, we took some family photos!

 For Benjamin's birthday, you got to make your own pizza.  You, piled so much cheese on yours!
 I think you liked your cupcake, too!
 Mimi and Papa were staying at a hotel since your Grandma and Grandpa were at your house.  After your party, you and Benjamin came to our hotel to swim for awhile.

In June, Mimi came down for a couple of days before she went to China!

William, you are such a comedian!
You and Benjamin like for your dad to wrap you up like a burrito after your baths!
You're a beast on the trampoline!
 In July, I got to spend some time with you at your house before Uncle Joshua and I went to Colorado.

 You definitely loved swinging on this with Benjamin!

 We went to gymnastics!

Later in July, you came up to Mimi and Papa's.  Your cousin, Emerson, and Uncle Gabe came...
your cousin Thalia, Uncle Joshua, and Aunt Erica!
 We spent a day at Patrick's Point State Park...
 walking down to Agate Beach...
one shoe on and one shoe off...
that's our William!
 You weren't too sure about those waves...

 You were definitely more comfortable with your daddy nearby!
 Back up at the top, we took some photos...
you make me laugh in this picture.
  Your Mimi loved getting a picture with all of her grandkids!
 We went to Wedding Rock...
 Your Mimi was a bit nervous when you started climbing...
along with Benjamin, your dad and mom!

 We drove up to Fern Canyon...
and someone fell asleep on the way.
 Your daddy carried you as we started through the canyon...
 We stopped for a group shot...
 Then we started looking for banana slugs..
 It's a custom that we kiss a banana slug..
you did it!
 You and Emerson took off down the trail...running...and running...and running...
 Back at Mimi and Papa's, we were playing outside...
and someone 'had to go'
but didn't quite make it!
 You definitely had fun with your cousin, Thalia!
We spent a day at the zoo...
this was in the Petting Zoo section.

 You had a 'friend' who really wanted some of your peanut butter sandwich..

We love the zoo! 
 Back at Mimi and Papa's, we played some baseball in the backyard...

and, of course, took a family picture!
 Another day, we went to Moonstone Beach.  It is a beautiful walk down to the beach.  You were a bit mad at Benjamin for going ahead of you!

 I love these pictures!
 July was definitely a great month!

In August, you came up and helped surprise me on my 60th birthday!
 I think you enjoyed the chocolate cupcakes!
 I had brought you boys back these dragon shirts from my trip to China.  I wanted a picture with all 3 of you in your shirts...but you weren't very cooperative!

 We played soccer in the backyard...
It was a wonderful 60th birthday for your Mimi...and you helped make it so special!
 Your Mimi came down the first weekend of October, bringing Emerson with me!
 It was a really warm day and we went to the park. 
You may notice, you didn't wear shoes.  William, the ground was H-O-T!  You didn't care.  You amaze me with how you can walk on gravel, on rocks, in the wood chips in your bare feet!
 You boys played and played and played!  You finally went down the big slide with Benjamin and Emerson.  They took you down as a 'train.'
 Back at your house, Benjamin had taken the training wheels off his bike.  You decided it was time to go ride yours, too.
 The trampoline was still a favorite...
and we had fun swinging!

 Notice the expression on your face? love cars!
 Your Papa and I came down November 9-11.  We just played, read books, went to gymnastics..and had fun being with you!
Later in November, we came down for Thanksgiving.  Your Grandma and Grandpa from Montana were also there.  What fun it was!

 "I'm going to put you IN JAIL!" you would say.

 What a sweet pilgrim you were on Thanksgiving!
 The morning after, we made our usual waffles or pancakes.  It's definitely fun to have my helpers!

 You do love your bears!
Here you are with your Papa and Mimi...who love you so much!
 After Thanksgiving, we went to a park close to your house and took some pictures.

We definitely had a lot of fun with you in November!
 We sure had fun in December!  You had Eliza, from Chile, living at your house for a couple of months.  She came with you to Mimi and Papa's house for Christmas.  Uncle Joshua was also here.   Aunt Erica and Thalia were in southern California with Aunt Erica's parents.  Uncle Gabe, Aunt Emily, and Emerson were also here. 
 Checking out things on the computer with Uncle Josh!
The boys enjoyed looking at the decorations and checking out some of the gifts...especially the ones with your name on it!
 One day we drove to Lady Bird Johnson Grove, a gorgeous stand of Redwood Trees.
 As you can see, it was a bit foggy, but beautiful!
 We went to Patrick's Point and Wedding Rock to show Eliza...and to see it again ourselves!

 Back to nature...that's what you like!

 Once again, your Mimi was a little nervous when your mama started climbing rocks with you and Benjamin!
 The level of activity...and noise...increased when Emerson arrived.
You boys instantly started wrestling!
 On Christmas morning, you were checking out what was in your stocking.
 You were having fun with Uncle Gabe and Emerson!
December and 2014 was coming to an end...and so was our time together at Christmas.  Your Mimi was sad to see you leave and go home.
I didn't see you in January...but in February, we had fun!  We went to Little Scissors, against your wishes, for a haircut...a much needed haircut.
 Benjamin went first, and then when it was your turn, you sat beside him.
It didn't make any difference,
 you still didn't want your hair cut.

 Frozen, was on their TV, so it finally distracted you.
 Before I left, we definitely needed a picture with new haircuts!
 We came back the weekend of February 28...
 because someone was turning 3 years old!

 As you can tell, it was a Spiderman theme...
 3 years old!
What a big boy you are now!
This has been a great year, William.  Your Mimi loves you so so so much!!!

This blog is a bit late, but another Happy Birthday to you!


jujabbo said...

Ahh, great pictures of my little cutie! It was a great year for sure!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday William!

You are growing up so quickly!