Monday, November 30, 2015

Playing on Wednesday morning

Walt had some good hanging-out-time with his UJ.
 Benjamin is in love with his newest little cousin.
 He loves to watch and hold him...

 Benjamin let Walt know that when he got older, he could play with cars!

 That made Walter Lucas pretty happy!

 William and Remy were in the living room playing.

Remy was curious about what the big boys had on the table.
 Benjamin was making 'shooters', as he called them.

 He would make like a garage...but on the back, he built some mechanism that when you pushed it, the cars in the 'garage' would 'shoot' out ...then the garage would collapse.

 a four car 'shooter'

 Remy has the motions down pat for talking on his cell phone!
 It was a mystery who he was talking to.
 The first day Remy came to visit, I took him into the living room, showed him the wood stove, and told him it was "HOT".
Well, he didn't forget!
He probably reminded us about 75 times that it was "HOT"...holding out his hand to remind us not to touch it either.
He and 'Papa" were talking about how hot the stove was.
 Remy also loved the remote that turned on the lights and ceiling fans.
 Remote control, cell phone, lights, fans...
yep, Remy is just like his cousins!

 Walt was taking it all in...
he doesn't really know much about remotes, cell phones, fans, or lights.
 He knows a LOT about other things...
like milk, sleeping, mama, daddy, Eme,
and I think he knows how much his Mimi and Papa love him!

We spent the morning playing around, being a bit lazy, but trying to get ready for the day.
It was beautiful weather, and I wanted Soo to see some of the sites.

It just takes longer than you think it will to get this many people ready to leave!

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