Sunday, November 29, 2015

5 Little guys meet each other!

 Thanksgiving!  My favorite holiday...for several reasons.  
This year, Addison, Soo, and Remy came from Colorado to spend the holidays with us!
 Remy is about 20 months old, but looks much older!
They got here first...
 When it was time to eat,
he just sat up at the table,
in a regular chair,
like a little man.  He uses his spoon and fork...
sometimes with a little help from his mama.

 I told him two of his 2nd cousins were on their way...
When I told him it was Benjamin and William,
he had to think about it.

Unfortunately, Remy was asleep by the time they got there,
but the next morning...
William and Remy started their morning with some sprints around the house.

Tuesday, the first day the boys had together, was a rainy day...
very rainy,
It was an indoor day, playing in the house.

Remy had to go to bed, but the rest of the gang wasn't here yet.
I THOUGHT we were just waiting for Gabe, Emily, Emerson, and Walt.

Standing in the kitchen, I turned around and Joshua walked in the door!
Donnie had gone to the airport to pick him up....
Surprise?  I was in shock.  I couldn't believe he was here!

My baby boy was here from London!
After part of my brain was working, I asked where Erica and Thalia were.
Erica, was surprising her parents in southern California..
and Thalia stayed in London!!!
She had an art institute she was going to in Brighton, England, so she stayed behind.
After Joshua had been here a little while, Gabe & Co., arrived!  Now we were all here! This is one of the reasons I love Thanksgiving so much!
The 3 big boys were a bit...wild!
Running around, having a blast together.
 Some were we sat around in the kitchen visiting, catching up on stories, getting to know Soo and Soo getting to know more of Addison's family.

It was a great beginning to a great week!

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