Sunday, February 28, 2016

December 30...we fly back to London from Rome

 Thalia and her Papa on the flight back to London from Rome.  These first two pictures should actually be at the bottom of this post...but ....

 We woke up, got packed, and took off to walk around our area of Rome before our driver came.
Joshua and Thalia ate breakfast here, where we had eaten before.
 Ron and I took off and headed back toward Piazza Navona.
 European streets...I just love them.
So narrow with so much happening on them!  In Rome, they're all cobblestones.

 We walked into another church...just a small church in a piazza close to our apartment..
and look inside!

 Piazza Navonna was filled with street performers.
We stopped and watched awhile.

 This guy was great!  He wasn't really walking, but was standing in this stance.

 Ron had to have one last gelato...
 We met back at our apartment to wait for our driver.  I took a few pictures of the inside.

This apartment was in an absolute perfect location...
We walked everywhere...never took any transport, except to get back to the airport.
Rome...Joshua made a statement that was just so true..which I hadn't thought about.
He said that no matter where we were, it always looked like Rome!
In London, there are the iconic places, but there are neighborhoods that could be anywhere.  In Rome, it all was old...stone....cobblestone streets.
We loved it!

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