Sunday, February 28, 2016

My baby girl was 35 years old on February 19th!

My baby girl has her sweet little family... I can hardly believe she's 35 years old!  
 Lindsey is our baby...our 3rd child...our only daughter.
 She grew up with two older brothers, Joshua and Gabrial
who loved her and dealt her misery at times!
 I don't know if she would agree, but I think she would, that she adored her older brothers.
She loved her Mimi...although I don't know how much she remembers.
Her Mimi loved her, being the first great granddaughter.
 Her Saddie and her Uncle John loved her...
she was the first granddaughter...the first niece...
 I loved having a baby girl....I loved making her dresses...
dolling her up..
only to have her tell me when she got a little older, how much she hated dresses and hated bonnets, which I would alway put on her!
Lindsey has always loved learning...and she still does!

I love the person she has grown to watching her as a mother...
I love my baby girl...and can hardly believe she's now 35 years old!

Happy belated Birthday, Lindsey!

(I was in Colorado the week of February this is late!)


Anonymous said...

Happy BDAY Lindsey!

Love your big brother Gibby

jujabbo said...

Thanks Mom! I love the blog.